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Who is True You?

You’re not in competition. Your best strategy is to leverage your gifts and talents.

Beneath the stress and demands of your current life, before the emotional and physical wounds that altered your being, behind the mask you wear to just get through the day, there is the one-and-only True You. Get in touch with your unique gifts and talents, your heart-felt passions. True You is your reason for being. True You is your most valuable personal capital. True You is your competitive advantage.

Did you expect life to be more than work and sleep?  Are you tired of watching day after day go by without satisfaction and meaning?  Did you expect your education to open doors for you, not lock you in a cell?  Are you ready to engage deeply in rewarding relationships? Are you ready to express your creativity in your work? Are you ready to claim vibrancy and vitality in your body?  Are you ready to laugh more, love more, LIVE more? Yes? then begin NOW to move your life consistently and incrementally “in the direction of” greater health, wealth and happiness!

Maybe I can help…

Perhaps like you, my life has taken me on a convoluted path. My early life was marred by neglect and abuse. Education saved me, but I adopted a fear-based scarcity mentality that fueled some decisions in my twenties that lead me further away from my True You. My life was a house-of-cards that came crashing down with a health emergency, a divorce, and a job failure. I had a do-over, and this time I got support and resources to rebuild my life with integrity. I studied and learned the success skills they don’t teach in school. I gained the courage to live my truth respectfully but unapologetically. I developed a fierce commitment to my True You that has led me to joyful relationships, meaningful work, and deep contentment. I want that for you, too.Shore retreat image

You can see in my bio that my education and experience span the spectrum of science and spirituality.

I know you’re busy.

The last thing you need is yet another thing to do.  That’s why we have created the “Goal-Buster Cluster,” a proven system for moving your life incrementally toward your goals. Everything we do comes down to the grid of time—if you can’t put it in your planner, it doesn’t count.  This system works because it encompasses the reality of your days–the demands and distractions of real life–so that you end each month closer to your dreams than you began it.

Begin with a Mindset Reset!

Recommended companion book.

Recommended companion book.

Is your stinkin’ thinkin’ holding you back? Guess what! You programmed your brain, and you can re-program it at any time. There comes a point where the mindset that got you where you are won’t get you further, and will actually hold you back. You’ve reached that point if…

  • You’re not getting the raises or promotions you expect.
  • Your personal relationships are not advancing.
  • Your health is declining, perhaps in subtle ways.
  • You can’t get out of debt.
  • Your dreams for your life seem continually out of reach.
  • Words like “stuck,” “trapped,” “depressed,” “overwhelmed,” “confused,” or “frustrated” regularly enter your mind and vocabulary.


Success is no secret.  Just as anyone with the correct combination can open a lock, the Success Mindset is available to everyone. You, too, can learn the time-proven principles and practices that successful people use. Because a mindset reset is essential to your successfully making real change in your life, our work together incorporates Jack Canfield’s classic best-seller, The Success Principles™, which presents 67 timeless principles and practices used by the world’s most successful people. He’s done all the research for us, and reduced these all-encompassing principles to simple, doable practices.

You can’t do it alone. As Einstein told us, you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.  Put another way, you can’t know what you don’t know.  You need outside intervention and support. The Goal-Buster Cluster works to shift your mindset so real change–real progress–can occur in your life.

Dare to create the life you long for, one month at a time.

Included in Goal-Buster Cluster, and can be purchased separately for $20

Included in Goal-Buster Cluster, and can be purchased separately for $20

Get the help you need to make real change, in your own space, at your own pace. The unique Essential Advantage™ approach gives you the support and accountability a personal coach provides, without all the fluff.  You learn the process of creating a workable plan that works with the reality of your day so you can move steadily and measurably toward your best life. This is a skill you will use over and over again, month after month, gaining success after success.

Integrated Journaling is a powerful tool for change that combines journaling activities with a daily planning regimen, for all-day, everyday consciousness. It brings awareness to the personal schedule and To Do list, and it brings meaning and agency to journaling. Journaling + Planning = Focus. This integrative approach does not require you to DO a lot of extra work; rather, it helps you to think differently about the work you choose to do.

Use the One Perfect Day” workbook to develop an individualized plan to support your personal, 30-day goal by breaking it down to what needs to be done on a daily basis. Your unique daily program—a combination journal/planner—helps you move methodically and incrementally toward your dreams, one-by-one, day-by-day, goal-by-goal.

The Goal-Buster Cluster is just what you need to succeed.

We’ve strategically assembled exactly the support and accountability you need to make real change, in your own space, at your own pace.  The Goal-Buster Cluster teaches you what you didn’t learn in school:  the skill and habit of focusing on your goals–keeping them front and center throughout your demanding day–so that you move consistently and incrementally toward the life you dream of.  Maximize your return on investment with this proven process for powerful change.  For only $297, The Goal-Buster Cluster gives you all this:

 Our SessionThe WorkbookYour Experience
Discovery Call
This is a 30-minute call to identify your 30-day goal.Your purchase includes the “One Perfect Day” downloadable workbook. You will complete to Step 3 before Session 1.You gain clarity and focus on two levels: what your heart desires for your life, and what you need to do daily to achieve it.
Session 1
This 90-minute web-coaching is an in-depth exploration/presentation of the Success Principles most associated with YOUR success.Together, we will “Reality Test Your Goal,” and complete Steps 4, 5 and 6.Discover the daily actions that will reset your mindset toward achieving your goals.
Session 2
60-minute session to review and tweak your personalized daily planner insert, designed for consistent daily progress toward your goal, allowing for the demands of your day.Focus is on Step 7, how you will Work the Process for the next 30 days.Daily, for 30 days, you will use a personal planner sheet, in conjunction with your calendar, to move methodically and measurably toward your goals.
Session 3
60 min session to review the process and decide the next goal.Complete Step 8 (Review, Redirect, Renew, Repeat) in advance for discussion on this call.Create your own planner sheet, with guidance and template, to continue the process for the next 30 days.
Continue your progress with additional “30/30” clustersFollowing completion of a Goal Buster Cluster, purchase a cluster of three 30-minute/30-day followup sessions for only $187.Repeat the 8-Step process month-after-month for increasing focus and success toward the life you long for!Continue the accountability and support with quick check-ins.

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