Meet Liz

Your trusted guide on the inner journey to meaningful work.

Liz Garrett is shifting lives with creative, reality-based programs that work on all levels–mind, body and spirit–for deep and lasting change. A successful business owner since 1998, and having worked collaboratively with execs for more than 20 years, she knows well the fire inside that either propels you to greatness, or consumes you in the effort.

Success is not about smarts.  You know plenty of smart people who are poor and/or unhappy.  Since it doesn’t matter what you know but, rather, what you DO with what you know, Liz insists on practical application.  Success boils down to what you do with your time, and her teaching boils down to what you can put on your planner.  The result:  actionable, measurable progress toward your goals.

She offers fierce support and practical tools to beat burnout and enjoy a meaningful, sustainable, lucrative career.

Her signature approach, “The Essential Advantage–Bringing the True You to LifeTM,” establishes that the best route to success and happiness is to tap into your personal strengths and passions. By including wellness basics, brain-training practices, and personal growth tools, these programs are, at once, practical and inspiring. Personal potential explodes when individuals see their work and life as a steady progression toward greater and greater fulfillment. Challenges are welcomed as opportunities to grow. Alignment within groups is easier when there is synergy of purpose.

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Liz Garrett, MA, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Jack Canfield Trainer, works one-on-one with professionals who are ready to get real about what’s holding them back! She also assists organizations engaged in real change by implementing systems-based, customized programs, incorporating individual coaching and workshops, to support the organization’s goals and desired outcomes.  As a highly-rated speaker, she delivers thought-provoking, change-inducing presentations at workplace workshops, luncheons, seminars and conferences.

In business since 1998. SWAM-certified.

What people say about Liz

My Journey

“Science is my first love. After completing a degree in Biology, I worked in environmental engineering. Because I was a geek-who-could-speak (using skills I learned as a waitress, thank you very much), I gradually advanced in the area of marketing engineering services.  While I was successful by most measures, there was a nagging yearning to do something more artistic or spiritual. I ignored that inner voice until, at age 35, a series of crises landed me in full-bore burnout. I was humbled to be starting again from scratch.This time I followed my heart and earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. This brought it all together for me!  It explained what I already instinctively knew: science and spirituality are on one continuum; they are the same thing! I was “home” in a way I had never imagined possible.  Now I wake up every morning, eager to get out into the world and share my message of empowerment: health, wealth and happiness are yours to claim! I can’t wait to help you.”


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