Systems for Success

One of the essential tools for keeping your focus on your priorities throughout the day is a planner.

Your planner serves as a COLLECTION point for notes, ideas, and tasks, which you later process into your organizational system.

Your planner contains quick REFERENCES and LISTS that point you back to task or lift you when you slide.

Your planner holds your SUCCESS PLAN for today, resulting from your “One Perfect Day” process.

Your planner keeps your VISION and GOALS in front of you, reminding you of your strong “Why” when you must make moment-by-moment tough choices.

Your planner is your TOUCHSTONE reminder that you have a bigger purpose than the task at hand.

Note, a planner may or may not contain a CALENDAR, since digital management of your schedule has many benefits.

Also, a planner may or may not be a physical BINDER, since digital notebooks like OneNote and EverNote offer suitable alternatives.

Included in Goal-Buster Cluster, and can be purchased separately for $20

Included in Goal-Buster Cluster, and can be purchased separately for $20

Assemble a planner that feels good to you so you are attracted to using it.  Keep it fresh—change styles, content and features as your preferences and needs change.  Make it fun!  Here are the features a planner needs to work with the integrated journaling process in the “One Perfect Day” workbook:

  • Fully customizable
  • Holepunch available
  • Tactilely and visually attractive
  • Variety of covers, sizes and styles to choose from
  • Accessories to make it fun
  • Ability to add Lists and References
  • Calendar is optional

Awesome Planners to Support Your Success

Tul (at Office Depot)tul
The Happy Planner (at Michael’s)happy planner
Arc (at Staples)arc
Day Runnerdayrunner
Franklin Coveyfranklincovey
Digital NotebooksOneNote, EverNote