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We all agree:  something has got to change.

  • People are not engaged.  Fewer than one-third (31.5%) of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs.
  • People are stressed.  Most Americans (83%) report feeling stressed at work.
  • People are unsatisfied.  More than half (55%) are unsatisfied with their jobs.
  • People are struggling.  Many (47%) are struggling to just stay happy.
  • Burnout is scorching entire workforces, at a rate nearing 50% in some professions.
  • Millennials need change. Soon to dominate the workforce, they are the least engaged group of all.

The Essential Advantage:  engaging programs that bring out the best in people.

Discover wellness with a purpose.  These feel-good programs give practical tools to incorporate mindfulness, improve well-being, boost creativity, increase engagement, enhance meaning, fuel contribution, strengthen productivity, inspire innovation, and promote retention.

See a summary of programs here (TEA_OVERVIEW_OneSheet) or scroll down for more detail on Keynote and Modules/Breakouts/Trainings.

(Sources:  Gallup; iOpener Institute; Forbes



Uncover the guaranteed path to success, joy, creativity and love.  The True You is your untapped success super power, longing to express itself, to create meaning and value, to share its gifts.  Every person already has this unique advantage.  Once reclaimed and unleashed, the True You boosts creativity, engagement, meaning, contribution, productivity, innovation, and retention.  [Get the Details on Printable TEA_Presentation_OneSheet]

Perfect for:

  • Managers trying to rise to the next level, but feeling stuck
  • Young Professionals looking to establish a sustainable and meaningful career
  • Anyone looking to reignite their passion and creativity


What would it take to give up stress and reconnect to True You?  Stress began with a choice, formed a habit, and became an addiction.  With this perspective, it is possible to make a different choice, form a new, empowering habit, which then becomes a positive addiction.  This program provides perspective and holistic tools to finally make stress work for, not against, you. [Get the Details on Printable DESTRESS_Presentation_OneSheet]

Perfect for:

  • High-stress, high-burnout professions (especially nurses, teachers, marketers, meeting planners, non-profit managers)
  • Professionals who experience periods of tremendous stress related to specific performance requirements (deadlines, busy seasons)
  • Women trying to “balance it all”


Finding true wellness in 21st Century living takes everything you’ve got.  Bring all of you–mind/body/spirit, inner/outer, past/present/future–to life with this fierce approach that draws from present-day science as well as ancient wisdom. Practical and powerful, this unique wellness perspective helps you sharpen your focus on the things that matter, begin to release the things that don’t, and learn to leverage the muscle of effective habits so you can move your life steadily in the direction of your dreams!  Isn’t that what wellness if for? [Get the Details on Printable WHOLEBEING_Presentation_OneSheet]

Perfect for:

  • Baby-boomers interesting in healthy-aging
  • Professionals looking to push their performance to the next level
  • Any group interested in a gentle wellness approach they can enjoy and succeed in





What if you woke up every day, eager to jump out of bed and make the most of the day ahead?  Not only is this possible, it is your birthright and essential for true success.  By getting in touch with your unique talents and strengths, identifying your compass-like “Ideal,” and creating a personal Mission Statement, you can mine your day for meaning and inspiration, no matter what your calendar holds. Accomplish more by aligning conscious intention with focused action. [Get the Details on Printable FINDINGYOURWHY_Presentation_OneSheet]

Perfect for:

  • Planning retreats of all kinds
  • New Year  or New Beginning celebrations
  • Groups exploring significant change


Learn a powerful tool for change that allows you to fall in love with your planner again.  This feel-good process puts you in constant touch with your priorities so your days are more productive and meaningful.  By combining the benefits of digital calendaring with the tactile pleasures of a planner, you can respond to the realities and demands of your life while moving methodically and incrementally toward your dreams.  This integrative approach does not require you to DO a lot of extra work; rather, it helps you to think differently about the work you choose to do.  Dare to create the life you long for, one day at a time! [Get the Details on Printable ONEPERFECTDAY_Presentation_OneSheet]

Perfect for:

  • People who want to experience more joy and success pursuing personal and professional goals
  • Creative types (aka Right-Brainers) trying to succeed in left-brained professions
  • Encouraging daily unity of purpose in a small office or department



You know that sensation when you walk into a certain room, or meet with a certain person, and it just feels good? You like being there.  You feel creative, connected…fully alive. You get more done and feel better about it.  This is no accident.  By increasing your awareness of energetic principles, you too can create an office environment that invites engagement, openness, and joyful productivity.  By understanding your own energy patterns, you can maximize your strengths and maintain better personal boundaries.  In this program you learn the science and craft of good energy, how your life is affected by Universal Law, and how to work with the Laws to positively change your life. [Get the Details on Printable GOODENERGY_Presentation_OneSheet]

Perfect for:

  • Office managers trying to create team cohesion or improve client relationships
  • Followers of The Secret, The Law of Attraction, or Manifestation Principles
  • Sales professionals experiencing blocks or setbacks, or wanting to attract more clients and sales

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