Are Your Pets Feeling Left Out?

Smitters, Shushu and Toby wonder who laid an egg.

Smitters, Toby and Shushu wonder who laid an egg.

When we talk about getting your family healthier and happier NATURALLY, we mean all members of your family, even the finned, feathered and four-legged ones. Animals benefit from essential oils, much in the same way as humans. Just like humans, essential oils balance animals emotionally as well as physically, so essential oils offer a gentle, health-supportive way to address pain, stress, digestive issues, insects, injuries and other facts of animal life.

I have been able to approach injured, abandoned dogs, when no one else could, because I put a little Peace and Calming on my hands. That same blend, often used to calm human anxiety, is in my car diffuser every time I travel with my three cats. It helps to calm the cacophony, at least a little. One cat, in particular, would transform into the Tasmanian Devil (a la Looney Tunes), screeching and spinning and clawing as soon as I put her in the carrier. Petting her with a little Peace and Calming on my hands settled her instantly. People who use essential oils as a way of life know, this is not unusual. We often share stories of misbehaving dogs, frightened horses, sickly birds and even infested fish that have been helped safely and naturally—without side effects—using essential oils.

It’s time for you to get in on the secrets. Commercial pet medications are not necessarily safe. I bet you’ve heard of someone whose beloved pet was seriously injured, sickened, or even killed, by commercial medications. Plants, on the other hand, have been provided for the healing of all members of the animal kingdom, not only us. They may not replace medical intervention, but they can be an excellent place to start when corrective action or continued support is needed.

Here are the basics for animal use of essential oils:
• Use less. Animals, even large ones, are sensitive to oils and require far less per body weight than humans.
• Introduce in a positive manner to avoid aversions to essential oils.
• Use only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Sensitive animal physiology will not tolerate adulterated, synthetic and contaminated oils, which may actually make matters worse.

Using essential oils to support your pets’ health and happiness is as natural, and easy, and effective as using them on yourself. Want to learn more? Join us on Monday, April 6 in Newport News for “Essential Oils Lifestyle: Healthy & Happy Pets.

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