28-Day Intentionology Intensive

Master this Mindset Habit for More Control, Joy, Peace and Passion in Your Life

Science says you can program your brain. Actually, you already have. The question is, how’s that working for you?

Program your brain to work on autopilot FOR-–not against–you. This 28-day e-mail course helps you develop a daily practice that replaces negative thought patterns with empowering, uplifting ones.

Gain clarity and tools to create the experience you want!

Experience more control, joy, peace, and excitement about your life!

Assume control of your destiny!

Get excited about your future!

Once established, the simple-but-powerful practice of intention becomes a beautiful, meaningful, ever-evolving way of life that guides and supports you for the rest of your life. Like any habit, it takes some time—about a month—to really instill it, to make it automatic.

The “28-Day Intentionology Intensive” is expertly designed to deeply ingrain the HABIT of living intentionally so it becomes natural and automatic. This e-mail course contains a variety of daily activities—most under 15 minutes—to sneak up on and reprogram your brain. The activities are in different modalities—some videos, some audios, some written, some actions—so that your brain is completely re-wired to support you in creating the experiences your heart longs for.

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Live more intentionally, starting now

Daily emails will guide you in applying intention to ALL areas of your life. You will…

  • Create space and support for yourself so that you can enjoy this journey.
  • Play. Have fun. Unleash your curiosity.
  • Experience more of what you love.
  • Reprogram your brain effortlessly by playing Intentions into your subconscious regularly.
  • Identify what thriving means to you so you can experience more of it.
  • Increase your ripple effect.
  • Surround yourself with visual triggers that effortlessly support your highest intentions.
  • Crack the code so you can set powerful intentions that work for you.
  • Get in on the secret: choose your words, choose your reality.
  • Get to the true heart of your intention.
  • Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, using intention.
  • Access the emotional power that fuels your best intentions.
  • Apply Covey’s 2nd habit (begin with the end in mind) for highly effective intentions.
  • Learn 5 Steps to shift your experience at a meeting.
  • Leverage your digital devices to make intention work for you, effortlessly, all day long.
  • Discover the flipside of intention that allows you to transform your negative experiences.
  • Use intention to make “course corrections” that save you time, money and hassle.
  • Learn a quick trick to pivot any situation instantly.
  • Use intention to make your life a little—or a lot—less hard.
  • Use intention to get outside your comfort zone, where the best growth occurs.
  • Re-shape your relationships using intention.
  • Learn the life-altering concept that is the secret to true behavior and mindset change.
  • Equip yourself with intention to pull you through the tough times.
  • Take control of your work path, intentionally, so that it takes you where YOU want to go.
  • Make your home a space you LOVE being in, using intention.

Following Payment, you’ll be taken to a separate form to register for daily emails.

28-Day Course Curriculum


  • Watch Welcome Video
  • Get Ready
  • Download Your Workbook

Day 1: Just See What Happens

  • Today, just play.

Day 2: Set Intention for this Course

  • Audio Guidance

Day 3: Marinate Your Brain

  • Effortless Reprogramming Hack
  • Entire Audiobook in 1 File
  • Audiobook in Separate Chapter Files

Day 4: Brain Power

  • Watch this Screencast

Day 5: Heart Power

  • Watch this Screencast

Day 6: Surround Yourself

  • Here’s How to Feed Your Hungry Brain

Day 7: The Making of Intention

  • Learn How to Structure Powerful Intentions

Day 8: Word

  • Choose Your Word, Choose Your Reality

Day 9: Autosuggestion 101

  • Meet Intention’s Close Cousins

Day 10: Embrace

  • Guided Meditation

Day 11: Empower

  • Guided Meditation

Day 12: Emotion

  • Guided Meditation

Day 13: Begin with the End in Mind

  • Read and Practice

Day 14: In Prep for Meeting

  • Make your meetings intentional

Day 15: Surround Yourself More

  • Download Your Intention Wallpapers

Day 16: Awareness Feedback Loop

  • Audio Learning

Day 17: GPS

  • Audio Learning

Day 18: Infinite Intention

  • Quick Pivot Trick

Day 19: Struggle is Overrated

  • Balancing Faith and Will

Day 20: When You Gotta Start Somewhere

  • Audio Lesson

Day 21: Area of Life – Relationship

  • Reading & Writing Exercise

Day 22: The Upward Spiral

  • Video Learning
  • Bonus Blooper

Day 23: Area of Life – Self Development

  • Reading & Writing Exercise

Day 24: When the Struggle is Real

  • A Lifeline for the Hard Times

Day 25: Area of Life – Work

  • Reading & Writing Exercise

Day 26: MITDO

  • Video Lesson

Day 27: Area of Life – Home

  • Reading & Writing Exercise

Day 28: Go Forth, Intentionally

  • Celebrate Your Progress!

Following Payment, you’ll be taken to a separate form to register for daily emails.