365 Days of Living On Purpose

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Science says you can program your brain. Actually, you already have. The question is, how’s that working for you?

Experience more of what you long for! Part science, part magic, the simple practice of consciously determining the outcomes you desire sets powerful forces into motion on your behalf. Your life becomes a co-creative dance of manifestation. Every experience is a feed-back loop of learning.

Program your brain to work on autopilot FOR–not against–you. This practical guide helps you develop a daily practice that replaces negative thought patterns with empowering, uplifting ones. A few minutes a day can change everything–forever–and it’s FREE, easy, and life-changing.

“Intentionology” serves you in many ways. Create a regular habit, or dip in and out as needed, or just enjoy beautiful inspiration when you need it. Read for a quick shift. You will develop a beautiful, meaningful, ever-evolving guide that will support you the rest of your life.

365 intentions for you to rewrite and reword, making them your own.

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*2017 Asurion study reporting American cell phone checking

Surround yourself with good intentions.

Make your mind work for–not against–you.