Meet Liz

Your trusted guide on the inner journey to meaningful work.

Liz Garrett collaborates with professionals who have worked hard to create success, only to find themselves trapped by the very skills and drive that propelled them. Feeling the weight of being income earners or revenue generators, they have deferred their own needs, dreams and desires, and are starting to wonder, “Does my happiness matter?”

Yes it does! Using joy as their GPS, professionals harness and direct their unique strengths and passions toward meaningful work so that everyone wins. Liz’s approach combines emotional intelligence, wellness basics, brain-training practices, and personal growth tools in a way that is both practical and inspiring. Professionals gain clarity, resilience, and a way forward to permanently shift their career in the direction of their dreams.

Liz offers fierce support and practical tools to beat burnout and enjoy a meaningful, sustainable, lucrative career.

Her creative, reality-based programs work on all levels–mind, body and spirit–for deep and lasting change. A successful business owner since 1998, and having worked with execs for more than 20 years, she knows well the fire inside that either propels you to greatness, or consumes you in the effort.

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Liz Garrett, MA, Emotional Intelligence practitioner, ICF Associate Certified Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Jack Canfield Trainer, works with professionals who are ready to get real about what’s holding them back! By offering courses and coaching that masterfully weave together cognitive, psychological, spiritual, and physical tools and practices, Liz helps professionals THRIVE, not just survive. Break the belief barrier! Manage personal energy! Enhance brain health! Optimize performance! See Liz’s resume here.

As a highly-rated speaker and popular radio and podcast guest, Liz leads thought-provoking, change-inducing conversations at workplace workshops, luncheons, seminars, conferences and retreats.

She is the author of two books that help professionals achieve permanent mindset reset: The Opposite of Burnout: Crisis Edition 2020 AND Intentionolgy: 365 Days of Living on Purpose

A trusted resource for Professionals Interested In:

  • Whole-Being Well-Being
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Brain Health and Management
  • Metaphysical Principles
  • Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence

In business since 1998. SWAM-certified.

What people say about Liz

My Journey

“Science is my first love. After completing a degree in Biology, I worked in environmental engineering. Because I was a geek-who-could-speak (using skills I learned as a waitress, thank you very much), I gradually advanced in the area of marketing engineering services.  While I was successful by most measures, there was a nagging yearning to do something more artistic or spiritual. I ignored that inner voice until, at age 35, a series of crises landed me in full-bore burnout. This cost me my health, marriage, financial standing and career. Humbled, I began again from scratch. This time I followed my heart and earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. This brought it all together for me! It explained what I already instinctively knew: science and spirituality are on one continuum; they are the same thing! I was “home” in a way I had never imagined possible. With support and time, I redirected my life toward work that makes me wake up every morning, eager to get out into the world to support other professionals in discovering: health, wealth and happiness are yours to claim! Don’t think you can out-WILL or out-RUN burnout–that’s exactly what makes you vulnerable. It took me over ten years to regain the salary I had before I burned out. You can take steps RIGHT NOW to redirect your energies toward more fulfilling work WITHOUT major disruption or loss. I’d like to help you do that. Your gifts matter. You deserve happiness.”

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