Fun & Free Resilience Tools

These are my gifts to you, to support you on your growth path to claiming health, wealth and happiness.  Enjoy!

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Downloadable Guidance Sheets

These tools can help you get back on track when you need just a little extra ooomph in the right direction:

Audio Meditations

Chakra Essence Meditation

Open and charge the main energy centers of your body.  Recommended essential oils:  Harmony, En-R-Gee, Sacred Mountain  (10 minutes)

Meditation on Letting Go of the War

From Jack Kornfield’s book, “A Path with Heart,” learn to let go of the fruitless war against what is.  Recommended essential oils: Release, Transformation (5 minutes)

Timeless Guidance Guided Meditation

Tap into your own inner wisdom. Have your journal ready. Recommended essential oils: Inner Child (15 minutes)



3 Minute Meditation

A mindfulness practice you can learn to do yourself. Recommended essential oils: Present Time (3 minutes)

Rose Meditation

From “The Blossoming Heart” by Robbi Zeck.  For creating an opening or shift in your life. Recommended essential oil:  Rose (9 min)

Audio Blog Posts

Twelve Positive Habits of Spiritually Centered People

My notes from Mark Thurston’s book which culls the wisdom of Edgar Cayce, an early twentieth century clairvoyant, for powerful, simple practices we can use today.  Try implementing these new habits, one at a time, in your life. (each segment approx. 3 -7 min)

Answering “Abundance” When the World Cries “Scarcity”

Gives 10 ways to experience abundance each day.  Download the Abundance Worksheet too. (7 min)

Your Heart’s Desire

My notes from Sonia Choquette’s book in which she teaches us how to hear and answer our heart’s calling.  Each Principle can be practiced for a month.  (each segment approx. 2 – 3 min)

How to Find Joy Every Day

Reignite your joy/fun/laughter with ten simple practices. (7 min)

Living Intentionally

Guidance for creating empowering intentions that change your life, one month at a time.   (7 min)

Manifesting a (Better) Job Using Spiritual Principles

Empowering tips for anyone out of work and looking for a job, who has a job but dreams of a different/better one, or who must continuously sell work and/or gain clients.  Be sure to also download the “Job Manifestation Action Sheet” above.  (9 min)

Practicing Gratitude

Includes 10 Things to be Grateful for Today (No Matter What) and How to Start a Gratitude Practice.  (8 min)

Using Dreams for Guidance

A simple five-step approach to working with dreams that you can begin using immediately, plus tips for improving your dream recall.  (10 min)