The Opposite of Burnout

5 Career Strategies to Feel Valued, Be Heard, and Make a Difference

UPDATED: Crisis Edition 2020

Updated to provide direction and support during challenging times, when your internal flame is most at risk of extinguishment. Follow this ordered plan to get you out of the darkness, step by step, to rekindle that fire so it can light your way.

Bouncing Forward in Seven Steps

  1. Triage
  2. Rebuild Energy Reserves
  3. Shift Your Sights – Long vision
  4. Identify Needed Skills and Knowledge
  5. Plan, Sort Of
  6. Implement with Ease
  7. Prevention – Rebuild Capacity

Burnout has a way of sneaking up on you.

Disguised in the noble cloaks of “hard work,” and “loyalty,” and “paying your dues,” it can steal your fire before you even realize what you’ve lost. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

No one is immune. No matter where you are in your career, there are steps you can take to avoid burnout’s slow smolder. Arm yourself with this action-oriented book. Full of lists, habits/hacks, processes, exercises, structures and check-off lists, it helps you build a cache of practical tools to beat burnout.

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To make this manageable and sustainable, Liz has reduced tons of burnout research to the 5 Essential Strategies you need to experience the opposite of burnout:

  • Essential Strategy #1: Self-Management
  • Essential Strategy #2: Personal Branding
  • Essential Strategy #3: Mindful Organization
  • Essential Strategy #4: Smart Communication
  • Essential Strategy #5: Asset Protection

What’s the opposite of burnout? That’s for you to decide! This little book will help you figure that out, plus give you practical tools and actionable ideas to keep you on track for a meaningful, sustainable and lucrative career. Information is cool, but does nothing to improve your life. What you DO with the information makes a difference. This book emphasizes action. Get ready—things are about to change for you!

Keep your fire alive! Get “The Opposite of Burnout” on Amazon NOW.

Here’s What’s Inside…

It Begins

Take a close look at where you are on the slippery slope of burnout. Having a sustainable career requires you to apply the same discipline and commitment you’ve used to achieve success so far to the care and protection of your inner fire. You can do it, but it requires some planning and preparation. This action-oriented book helps you stock your tool chest to avoid burnout.

Tools Provided In This Chapter: Check-Off Self-Assessment, What’s Working T-Chart

Essential Strategy #1: Self-Management

Your body is your vehicle for life. You will only go as far as it takes you. Just like your car requires basic care and maintenance, your body is a machine that has certain requirements in order to function. For optimal, sustainable functioning—for you to be and do all you want to be and do in this life—your body’s basic needs must be met. Learn simple strategies for accommodating the 5 Non-Negotiables and the sanity- saving practice of “Moving in the Direction Of.”

Tools Provided In This Chapter: 10% More, Reference List – Foods You Like, Lifestyle Strategies For Better Nutrition, Sleep Commitment Exercise, Better Sleep Habits, Better Sleep Plan, More Activity Plan, Stress Red Flags Check-Off, Stress-Prep Chart, Tools And Reminders To Beat Stress, 100% Responsibility Exercise, Difficult Or Troubling Situation Exercise.

Essential Strategy #2: Personal Branding

Personal branding is about presenting yourself to others to engage them in what you want to accomplish: your mission. Personal Branding is consciously developed from within. Personal Branding is a valuable counter to burnout because it enables you to release the trivial b.s. that creates stress and subterfuge, while keeping you focused on what matters…to YOU.

Tools Provided In This Chapter: SWOT Analysis, 3 Tools For Finding Your Mission Statement, Brand Action Plan, Reflection, Upward Spiral

Essential Strategy #3: Mindful Organization

When insides don’t match outsides, there is friction. Think of that friction as fueling the fire of burnout. Let’s reduce the friction by making sure the way you use your space, time and actions reflects your best self and highest potential. Mindful organization goes beyond arbitrary neatness and efficiency. Mindful organization consciously leverages your space, time and tasks to launch you toward your idea of success with greater ease and joy. Mindful organization is strategic and purposeful, and very, very personal. Live your life according to your terms and priorities so you can enjoy a long, fruitful career by developing and maintaining mindfulness in three pervasive dimensions: Space, Time and Tasks.

Tools Provided In This Chapter: “Busy” Awareness, Tips For Mindful Organization With Microsoft Outlook, “Multitasking” Awareness, “Time States” Awareness, Agenda For Room Function Discussion, Clutter Awareness, Task Tips.

Essential Strategy #4: Smart Communication

Communication skills are your #1 promotability factor, more important than your education, experience, popularity, ambition or tenacity. Set yourself apart with smart communication skills that:

  • Build alliances,
  • Focus on specific desired outcomes,
  • Strategize at least 3 steps out,
  • Give up “Being Right” in favor of “Being Effective,”
  • Get you more of what you want so you beat burnout.

Tools Provided In This Chapter: Communication Skills Self-Assessment, Social Predictor Test, Guidelines For Authentic Communication, Strategies For Breaking Dynamic Tension, How To Adjust Communication For DISC, Guidelines For Communicating Leadership, Formula For Saying “No,” S.P.I.R.A.L.

Essential Strategy #5: Asset Protection

Your brain is your greatest professional asset. Its speed and capacity far exceeds any computer. Unlike a computer, a healthy brain has the awesome ability to create new neural pathways and alter existing ones to accommodate learning, processing experiences, and forming memories, for your entire life. Learn the care and feeding of your brain, as well as how to undo damage and create new circuitry so that you can beat burnout.

Tools Provided In This Chapter: 5 Ways To Care For Your Brain, 8 Practices For Creating New Circuitry.

Keep your fire alive! Get “The Opposite of Burnout” on Amazon NOW.