Year: 2013

Low-Stress Holiday Weight Management

I want to enjoy my holidays–all the fun and frivolity–without weight gain.  And I don’t want to wage a constant battle against my psyche to do it (no fun!).  Here is my simple, effective, auto-pilot plan for managing my appetitive,

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70% for Change

S said she wanted something different in her life…to finally heal old hurts, drop limiting behaviors, and create a new, joy-full, future.  She had tried many times and many ways, but nothing really worked.  She wanted to know why. I have read,

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Unfathomable Miracles Today

J broke her collar bone.  What made her agree to her husband’s  invitation to ride an ATV after having no interest all the other times?  And what made him keep asking?  And what brought them to another part of the

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