Month: February 2014

Teenage Angst Ain’t All That

K is a sensitive teenager dealing with the tremendous pressures of school, sports, family, friends… all the tough rites of passage that strike one after another in those tumultuous years. It’s gotten to be too much lately, resulting in anxious

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Look What I Found in My Pantry

This is the glass of water that went missing at some point yesterday.  Looked all over and couldn’t find it.   This morning when I reached for the cereal, there was my water glass, sitting on the top shelf of the

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Lookin’ For Love

It’s only Wednesday, and I have already had at least three conversations about sex and essential oils this week. Maybe it is because Valentine’s Day is approaching. Or maybe it is because yet another new drug is being advertised with

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Smart Design

OMG God is smart.  Get this: we have trillions of cells in our body, each with a specific, constantly changing job to do to keep us alive and functioning. The outer membrane of each cell has these receptors that reach

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