2015: Six Ways to Make this Year YOUR Year

Be very, very careful.  The seeds of the coming year are being planted in your psyche right now.  Your deepest thoughts will take root and sprout forth as surely as Spring will follow Winter.  Look closely:  are you planting weeds that will overtake your life, or fruit trees that will delight and nourish? sprouting seed

You get to decide.

Your life experiences have given you a certain set of expectations.  Your expectations then color your view, becoming the filter through which you experience life.  This is natural, but it actually blinds you to experiences that differ from your expectations, guaranteeing you will only see what you expect to see.  We call this “stuck.”  Been there?

This happens to everyone.  Here’s a trick to overcome it:  your mind is always going to be doing something, why not have it work in auto-pilot for your benefit by setting positive intentions?  An intention is just a sort of mental touchstone, something to return your thoughts to over and over again.  Don’t worry when your thoughts drift; it is actually the experience and effort of returning to your Intention that strengthens and reinforces it.

Setting empowering intentions is as simple as deciding what you want to experience in a situation.  It can be done at any time for any situation:  at the beginning of each day; at any point within any relationship; to manifest a particular project outcome; to affect health conditions; to redirect financial circumstances; to experience pleasant travel; to support specific goals; and, at any point you want to turn around a negative experience.  Here are some guidelines for developing empowering intentions:

  1. Empowering Intentions are based in reality. Intention must relate to the challenge as well as the goal. Intention is not wishing.
  2. Empowering Intentions acknowledge feelings. Feelings are your friend. They carry a lot of energy, and this energy attracts the object of those feelings. The more you infuse intentions with positive words and meanings that matter to you, the more powerful they will be.
  3. Empowering Intentions focus on moving toward, not away from. State intentions in terms of what you are manifesting. Avoid the word “not.”
  4. Empowering Intentions are stated in the present tense. State your intention as if it has already come true. Think of it as a reality that already exists which you are now choosing to join.
  5. Empowering Intentions are in alignment with Universal forces. There are forces greater than you, natural laws that you will not change. Seek to observe and understand these so that your intentions are powered by their flow.
  6. Empowering Intentions require you to claim what is possible for your life. Sometimes the hardest thing about building a good, happy, productive, fulfilling life is deciding what it will look like…and then actively claiming it.

Living Intentionally is POWERFUL. It activates and directs Universal energy so that you achieve more and experience more pleasure, more joy, and more peace. It creates alignment with reality that results in an ease of life, less struggle. Remember, Intention is a force to reconnect to, not something for ego to accomplish. Intention is about getting into alignment with the Universe, not trying to will things to be.

Let’s start now.

2015 opens like an empty canvas before you. What would you like to experience in it? Begin by developing a vision for the life you desire.

Here’s your assignment: take a few, undisturbed moments and ask yourself, “What would I like to experience this year?” Close your eyes and envision it in full sensory experience—what it looks like, what it feels like, the tastes, the sounds, even the smells. Write it down (“My Vision for 2015”) and display it prominently in several places (your planner, your computer, your car, your bedroom, your bathroom). Every morning, read the vision you have written and think about what the day ahead may hold, and come up with an empowering Intention—a one-sentence mental touchstone—that you can return your mind to over and over again to keep it directed and focused. Pay attention to the way things begin to flow, and the surprises and coincidences that support your intention. At the end of each day, be sure to acknowledge and appreciate the things that have moved you closer to your goal.

You’re going to be somewhere a year from now; why not be a little closer to the life you dream of?