5 Reasons a Bath Makes You Feel Better

Here is what I’m talking about:  low lights, candles, music, salty, hot water, and delicious aromas.  You feel good just imagining it, don’t you?

There are good reasons to make bathing a part of your healthy lifestyle.  Here are a few:

#1:  Water creates negative ions.

The electromagnetic charge of the water is opposite of the damaging energy we are exposed to all day from power lines and household wires, heating and air conditioning devices, cell phones, computers, TV’s, microwave ovens, pollution, and synthetic materials.

#2: Warm, salty baths are detoxifying.

Bathing in warm water helps to remove harmful toxins, so your skin is clearer, your muscles ache less, and your organs function better.  This may also make your mind clearer, which is why so many epiphanies occur in the tub.

#3:  Bathing removes stress. 

Itactually lowers blood pressure, reduces stress chemicals in the blood, relaxes the body and gives the mind a chance to wander.  Bathing improves sleep, too, which further reduces stress effects.

#4:  An Epsom salt bath boosts your magnesium.

Most people are low in this important mineral which does so many important things: improves heart and circulatory health, improves the body’s ability to use insulin (which reduces the incidence or severity of diabetes), flushes away toxins and heavy metals, improves nerve function, relieves stress, binds serotonin to create a feeling of well being and relaxation, reduces inflammation, improves oxygen use, improves absorption of nutrients, improves formation important tissues and proteins, and prevents or eases migraine headaches. Wow!

#5: Bathing increases the therapeutic effect of essential oils.

Your entire body is absorbing essential oils through the open pores of your warm skin. Your blood is circulating faster to carry those healing molecules throughout your body. You are breathing in the soothing aromatic molecules that fill the air. Now, you want to be sure you are using only pure Young Living essential oils so you can trust you are absorbing only goodness.

Baths are a great way to take care of your health year around. For a cooling summer effect, try using Young Living Peppermint essential oil. Be sure to watch the How To Make Bath Salts video first, because this is one oil you don’t want floating on the surface of the water when you go to sit.

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