70% for Change

S said she wanted something different in her life…to finally heal old hurts, drop limiting behaviors, and create a new, joy-full, future.  She had tried many times and many ways, but nothing really worked.  She wanted to know why.

I have read, in order for real change to occur, 70% of our body’s cells need to shift in a new direction.  70%!  That’s the tipping point for change.  We must redirect 70% of our five-to-fifty trillion cells to paint a new picture for our future.

DNAWhy cells?  Because they contain our DNA, the beautiful biochemical canvas that records who we are and all we experience.

Like many of us, S had read self-help books, worked with The Secret, gone to counseling, and more.  These things helped, but she wasn’t quite “there” yet, to that place of clarity, freedom and joy.

She hadn’t reached the tipping point.  She was looking to coaching to help push her cells in the direction of her dreams.

Holistic wellness coaching techniques are especially effective at getting to that tipping point.  By incorporating your whole self–mind/body/spirit, past/present/future, inner/outer–we line up all you are in the direction of your dreams.  By leveraging habits, we force cellular memory to replace old patterns with new.  By using essential oils, we let powerful plant molecules wipe clean old cellular programming and re-write a new future.

S just needed a few tools to redirect those last, unruly cells.  She is on her way now.

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