A Day in the Oily Life of Liz

Strangers often ask me why I smell so good. Friends take a whiff and want to know what oil I’m wearing. I usually just shrug. It’s a hard question to answer. Take a look at a recent typical day:oily life

  • Upon waking, I put 1 drop of Lemon essential oil into a glass of room temperature water to alkalize and detoxify.
  • I used Awaken essential oil blend during yoga.
  • I put a drop of Joy over my heart to align with the energy of joy.
  • To relieve soreness from yesterday’s gardening, I dripped some Copiaba into my Ningxia Red.
  • A drop of Slique went into my water bottle curbs my appetite (plus, it is delicious and refreshing).
  • Since I was speaking in front of a group, I put Valor on my feet (for strength and courage) and Harmony on my throat (for clarity of expression).
  • During an outdoor lunch meeting with other oily friends, we used Peppermint (for cooling), Purification (for bugs), and Clarity (so we could focus or our work). We began our meeting with Abundance oil and intention.
  • The pollen bothered me a little, so I rubbed Lavender on my nostrils.
  • Lunch didn’t sit well on my tummy, so I rubbed a little Digize on it to settle it.
  • I used some Peppermint to freshen my breath.
  • I diffused Peppermint in my car to keep me alert for the long drive home.
  • I had some deskwork to do, so there was more Peppermint (just the open bottle next to my keyboard).
  • I dabbed some Purification on an itchy bug bite.
  • I used Frankincense around my tired eyes (also to chase away wrinkles).
  • As I climbed into bed, I rubbed a couple drops of Lavender and Peace & Calming on my soles, and Joy on my chest, to give me a good night’s sleep.

This is just what I do. It works for me. It makes me healthy. Energetic. Balanced. Clear. It makes me happy.

It’s nice that it makes me smell good, too.

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