You know I looooove me some science. Science remains my first love: an ever-expanding doorway to the mysteries and beauties of life that brings me pure joy and awe. I used to argue a purely scientific viewpoint—especially during the decade …

Science v Spirituality: Let’s dare to go “there” Read more »

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Concept of narcissism and selfishness. Silhouette of a selfish and narcissistic man reconciling his own crown

The work of growing as a professional—and a human—is to attain greater and deeper understanding of who you are as an individual, what strengths and wounds you bring to the game, and where you can apply these attributes to ultimately …

Ego and its Mythic Role Read more »

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Woman looks at her reflection in a mirror

It’s easy to skip right over this. To check the box. Of course you’re self-aware, right? So I’m just gonna say it: you’re not as self-aware as you think you are. Neither am I. No one is. Our brains are …

Self-Awareness as the Foundation of Emotional Intelligence Read more »

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