Being In the Energy Of

Being in the energy of( 1)Subtle bands of energy surround you at all time, and you have the power to dial in to any of them. To make this work for, not against, you, you must be alert and sensitive to which energy you are pulling in. For example, there is a fine line between being eager and being impatient, but according to the Law of Attraction, that is the difference between manifesting your dreams, and blocking them.

Awareness is the hardest part.  Practice being vigilant.  What are you “in the energy of,” now? Notice the subtle qualities of your deepest feelings. When they don’t support your goals and vision, there is good news: you can easily change your energy! Yes! You have the power to change your energy just like you would change a radio dial. Just tune into something different.

Imagine there are waves of energy floating around you, and you are going to catch a ride on the wave of your choice. Say you want to shift to the energy of “joy.” Turn up your antenna and search for something that makes you feel Joy. No matter what you are experiencing, the energy of joy exists somewhere. Find it and tune into it.  Maybe it is the brilliant beauty of the flowers you brought home from the grocery store. Maybe it is a memory of a sunny day on a lake. Keep scanning until you feel that “ping” of joy, and now focus on that feeling. Stay with it. Ride it. Download this quick guide to Shifting Energies.

Here’s the brutal part.  Choose environments that keep you “in the energy of” your goals and vision. Surround yourself with people who are “in the energy of” what you wish to achieve. Expose yourself only to media (t.v., radio, internet) that are vibrationaly aligned with your heart’s desire. Give your body what it needs (food, rest, exercise) to be “in the energy of” its highest potential. Commit to the practices (prayer, meditation, journaling) that keep you “in the energy of” your best, truest self. We make exceptions for many reasons, but know this unavoidable truth: the exceptions are blocking the manifestations of your dreams. If you are reading this, it’s time to clear out some exceptions. You’ve come too far to keep fooling yourself.

Here’s the fun part.  Because of their exceptionally high vibrational frequencies, essential oils are powerful tools for lifting and aligning our energy. I rely on several, including rose, Transformation, Awaken, Clarity and Joy, all day, every day. They make the tough job of “being in the energy of,” a little easier.

And, easy is good. Let’s ride that wave as often as possible.

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