Boosting Creativity, One Skeptic at a Time

Spark of GeniusI brought my oils to the meeting, to help with creativity and focus, if people seemed open and interested. There are many oils reported to improve mental clarity, including basil, lemon myrtle, rosemary, neroli, and the Young Living blends of Citrus Fresh, Brain Power, Clarity, Grounding and Magnify Your Purpose. Independent studies have shown peppermint essential oil to improve concentration by 28%, and lemon essential oil to do so by over 50%.

To my surprise and delight, Dr. H already had a diffuser set up!  Our conference room welcomed us with the delicious aromas of rosemary and ylang ylang, a combination Dr. H found, “Helps him work at his desk 5 hours—creatively!—without even noticing it.”

This from a Ph.D. who started off calling aromatherapy “voodoo.”  I don’t blame him–I did too. But even the most well-founded skepticism is shattered by results.

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