Cancer-Causing Almond Milk? What’s a Holistic Girl to Believe?

Did you hear the one about brand-name almond milk using a cancer-causing algae called Carrageenan as a thickener?

Yeah, it’s no joke. Almonds are expensive; algae is cheap. Do the math.


Photo’d from my frig!

So here we are, making the conscious choice to replace dairy with a more nutritious, gut-friendly alternative, and we find almond milk may not be the panacea we thought. (Here’s the story: Maybe carrageenan is harmful to humans, or maybe it’s not. Maybe there are enough almonds in those store brands to be nutritious, or maybe it’s mostly filler. Maybe we should make a different choice, but what next?

Here are some simple and empowering guidelines for conscious consumerism in today’s world:

1) Don’t freak out. When you notice that something has ignited a fear response in you, realize that it has momentarily taken your power. This is such a fundamental principle, one that is crucial to understand if we are to successfully navigate the forces of modern living. That which we fear takes our power. See how it behooves people/companies/brand/governments/media to make you fearful? If they make you afraid, they make you less powerful. When you feel that fear response, stop, and reconnect with your own power.

2) Trust your inner knowledge over external sources. There are many ways to “know” things. Your entire being is wired to receive information in a myriad of ways far beyond mere mental ability. It takes some practice, but you can develop the ability to trust your intuition, your gut, your feelings, your energetic receptors, and the little voice within. Be honest, didn’t a carton of almond milk seem too good to be true? That little voice inside is always right. Trust it.

3) Take responsibility for your health. I know, this seems onerous, but there is no other way. Don’t put the Food and Drug Administration in charge of your health. All government agencies are subject to the influences of politics, power and funding. What else would explain that there are hundreds of known cancer-causing substances allowed for use, and tens of thousands more that have not been tested for safety? Reading ingredient labels doesn’t have to be complicated: just try to choose products with fewer ingredients, with names of real (whole) foods.

4) I like to teach, “Moving your life in the direction of.” If you want to be healthier, wealthier, and happier, just make little choices that move your life in that direction. It’s not necessary—and potentially destructive—to attempt giant, sweeping change.

In the case of almond milk, “moving your life in the direction of” might look like this: when possible, try to buy a brand that has only a few, all-natural, ingredients, preferably without carrageenan. You might even make your own, sometimes. It’s easy. Here’s how:

For greater health, wealth and happiness, how you do things can matter more than what you do. Whatever action you choose, be sure to do it joyfully, gratefully, and with love.

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