Claim Your True Power

You are energy. I am energy. Everything is energy, and all energies are intertwined. I know this might sound a little crazy, but I want you to know this is your reality. Once get this, you can begin to claim your true power. I’m going to give you three keys to unlock your true power, but I don’t want you to just take my word for it. First I want to loosen your grip on “reality.” 

“Reality” is based on your senses and your senses can’t be trusted. We humans have 5 known senses, right? But there are known senses that we humans don’t have. Sharks, for example, can sense electromagnetism. We don’t have that ability. There is a whole dimension surrounding us—electromagnetic energy–that we cannot detect. Birds and bees can see more of the light spectrum then we can, so they see colors and patterns where we see nothing. Even my cat, Toby, has an organ in the top of his mouth that allows him to pick up special scents I don’t even know are there. Even if he’s sitting right beside me, his “reality” is different from mine. So we know all around us there is a whole lot of reality we can’t even perceive

And that’s not all. Our ability to interpret this reality is limited. If you have a piece of paper, please write the number “400.” Now, put 9 zeroes after it. That’s 400 billion. 400 billion bits per second is how much information our brains receive. Now, write a 2 and put 3 zeroes after it. Two thousand bits per second is all the brain can process. 400 billion coming in vs 2000 getting processed….This is quite a gap! Major gap! We are taking in a small fraction of what is coming at us.

Then, let’s consider what it is that we are touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing…We now know, thanks to Einstein and modern physics, that all of this, all matter, is composed of a series of building blocks which, at its most fundamental level, are waves of energy. It’s all energy.

Our senses, as delightful as they are, distract us from the truth which is we are part of something bigger—a vast energy network. There is so much more information and support and power available to us once we tap into this energy network. Your life is bigger than you know! With all your accomplishments—and I realize I am writing to a group of high-achievers—you have still only scratched the surface of your potential.

How do you claim this power…your true energetic power? Do you need MORE to do? I don’t think so. But you can do DIFFERENTLY, can’t you? Here are three simple yet profound ways you can shift your energy and begin to shift your life:

Energetic Key #1

Live with Intention. Live with Intention. This is simply to decide in advance what your experience will be. You are already doing this. I’m suggesting that you do it consciously. Make it your practice to consciously choose your intention for your day, your work, your relationships, for everything you do. You will be amazed how energies line up to support your intention. (Here are some Intention Guidelines for you.)

Energetic Key #2

Assume 100% responsibility for your life. Assume 100% responsibility. When you want to blame people or events for your experience, realize everything you are experiencing is because of you. Even when you can’t control what other people do, you can decide how it will ultimately affect you. Assuming ownership of your experience gives you the power to change things. (You might appreciate the free audio “Meditation on Letting Go of the War” on this resource page.)

Energetic Key #3

Keep your life in motion. Energy flows, so you have to keep your life moving. You’ve got to get out of bed every morning and move things forward in whatever way you can, big or small. Think of your car—you can’t steer it until you’ve got it in gear. Taking action is the only way you can receive direction and feedback so you can make change. (Check out Shifting Energies.)

Those are three keys you can use to begin to unlock…what is already yours! You see, everything you need to reach your full power is already available to you. With support and information and practices and new perspectives, you can claim your true power. How’s that for reality?!

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