Eagles & Crows & You

eagle and crowWhere I live on the Chesapeake Bay, the once-endangered Bald Eagle is now a fairly common but still-precious sight.  You know it when you see one:  they fly higher than any other bird, with a power and grace that takes your breath away.

When the eagle flies low, swooping over the water or landing in a treetop, he is inevitably pestered by crows.  They squawk and niggle him endlessly, dive-bombing, cart-wheeling and rear-ending, to no effect.  The eagle sits motionless, uninterested in their petty complaints and fears, confident in his own power.  All he has to do is whip out a razor sharp talon and they fall away.  With just one stroke of his powerful wings, he outdistances their frantic flapping.  He is the eagle.  The crows are far beneath him.

You are the eagle, too.  You have power and grace to carry you on your mission.  Be confident of your place and ignore the crows.