Essential Oils are Not Drugs

FDAThis seems obvious to me, and, really, the point. Essential oils are not drugs.  Essential oils are the living energy of plants.  Drugs are manmade commercial products.  While both have been show to affect symptoms associated with disease and injury, only one does it naturally, without side effects.  Neither “heals” the body; the body does that itself.

We have laws that prevent making “disease claims.” I’m good with this; leave that to the experts.  Medical experts should be regulated.  This protects the public.  The same laws require drug-makers to report side effects.  I’m very good with this.  Just watch a drug commercial and the long list of possible side effects will inspire anyone to seek alternatives.

My passion is to help people discover their inner wisdom, to put you in touch with your innate healing intelligence. Experts and their drugs represent an outer source of authority, one that prescribes your choice for you.  You are the best expert on your healing, even if you need a little help getting reacquainted with your inner voice.  My job—my mission—is to share resources and tools that might shorten that journey for you.

Although I am deeply in love with the beautiful chemistry behind the effectiveness of essential oils, the actual healing mechanism is beyond science. Healing is more than physical.  Healing is a natural, powerful, unstoppable force that is not entirely understood.  We can support—or impede—that process with the choices we make.  You are in charge of your choices.

I’m going to admit something that is sure to be unpopular with some of my professional peers: I love the FDA.  They are doing the job we need them to do:  warning of the dangers of drugs.  Their recent crackdown on a few alternative practitioners is not to warn of the dangers of essential oils.  Nope, the FDA is working hard to differentiate essential oils from drugs, telling us not to use language associated with drugs or to prescribe them as drugs. That’s all.  On this we agree.  Essential oils are not drugs.

They are so much more.

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