How to Extend Your Brain’s Life

13 ways to retain cognitive capacity as you age

Do you remember how our understanding and value of CARDIAC HEALTH exploded in the 80’s and 90’s (cue the legwarmers!)? That is what is happening in the area of BRAIN HEALTH right now. Advancements in science has expanded our understanding of what happens to the brain as we go through life. We now know:

As we age, our brain loses some capacities and gains others. The balance is determined by the dynamic interaction between brain, body and environment.

Your brain is involved in everything you think, feel and do. And everything your think, feel and do shapes the brain. Therefore, be intentional about everything you think, feel and do. You have control over 40% of your health by intentional activity.

Life expectancy is 20 years longer than it was 100 years ago. Yet cognitive function peaks at age 20-40. This means our life span can exceed our brain span.

Here are 13 ways to build brain fitness. Move the needle on any or all of them and you will extend your cognitive capacity:

  1. Physical activity/exercise
  2. Appropriate Physical Weight
  3. Good nutrition
  4. Microbial health
  5. Good sleep/sleep habits
  6. Social relations
  7. Cognitive engagement
  8. Improve stress resilience
  9. Mindfulness/meditation
  10. Spending time in nature
  11. Positive Emotions
  12. Positive thinking
  13. Spirituality, Meaning and Purpose

No Brain is too old to experience improved performance. Aging is real, but you have the ability to take control of your unique process by being intentional about building brain fitness.


Whole-being well-being expert, Liz Garrett, translates scientific and metaphysical principles into PRACTICAL APPLICATION leaders use to change their lives, their relationships, their work and, ultimately, the world.

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