First Impressions, Again

Remember that first-day-of-school feeling? Excited: anything could happen. Nervous: anything could happen! Will they like me? Will I do a good job?

Then…stuff happens. Before long, you are in a box. How they see you is who you are, even when you’re not.

What if you got a do-over? Clean slate!

Signs you need to make a new 1st impression:

◊ You’ve changed, grown, or evolved, personally.

◊ You’re not being treated as you want.

◊ You’re not getting the results you want.

4 Steps to make a NEW first impression:

1) Get a date. This will be your dividing line in time. It could be an upcoming meaningful event or significant opportunity. March 20 is the spring equinox—a perfect astronomical event to mark the dawning of a new you!

2) Get clear. How do you want to be perceived by whom? Adjectives, outcomes and specifics are good here. Do the inner work. If you were meeting everyone for the first time, what impression would you want to make?

3) Get ready. Deepen your tool box and your bench. Take classes. Get books. Get support. Write intentions and affirmations. Put your lazy brain on notice (See: Teaching an Old Brain New Tricks).

4) Go BIG. Do the outer work. This is the fun part: create visual changes that signal to others a change has occurred. Get a makeover. Redecorate your home or office. Have a party. Make a list of all the BIG visible changes you can make. Launch these changes with your New First Impression date.

Have fun with this! You are who you are—why not let the world know it?

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