Get into the HABIT of Abundance

You have a choice of mentalities in life:  scarcity or abundance.  What you choose to dwell on, you will experience.  So let’s talk about how we can create a habit of experiencing abundance.  “Habit” is a little word with a lot of power.  Your current outlook is a habit—one you may or may not have chosen consciously.  You can consciously choose to create an empowering habit simply by practicing it daily for about a month.  After that, it becomes almost automatic, replacing your old habit and giving you a new outlook.

 10 Ways to Experience Abundance Each Day

Notice who helped you today. You are not alone. You are assisted directly and indirectly all day long. Someone served you in a store or restaurant. Someone held a door. Someone generated the electricity that powers your house. Someone made the shirt you a wearing. Who showed you kindness today?

Notice beauty. It is free and it is everywhere: the sunset, roses, a child’s smile, a cat’s purr, your lover’s touch, your own reflection.

Pause and really appreciate the food that nourishes you. It is a miracle, really, that the elements form exactly the nutrients our bodies need to function, and our bodies’ senses are tuned to the pleasure of seeing, tasting, smelling and enjoying their intake.

Notice the opportunities contained in the void. The shedding of things during times of contraction creates an open space into which new things can come.

Surround yourself with others who focus on abundance. Seek people, conversations, internet sites, periodicals, media outlets, etc that embrace and promote the abundance mentality.

Notice that you have enough in this moment. Pay attention to what you have—you are provided for. If you didn’t have enough, you wouldn’t be here.

Notice your physical comforts and strengths. Is your outfit soft and comfortable? Did your legs carry you effortlessly up the stairs? Listen to your heart beating. Be present for the inhale and exhale of breath.

Really notice and appreciate the people in your life. Each person is a jewel to behold—from the stranger on the street to your closest companion—tune in to them.

Notice what goes right. It is too easy to be sidetracked by what didn’t work out the way we wanted when, really, most things go well, but unnoticed and unappreciated.

Be grateful. Constantly give thanks.

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Amplify your Abundance with this amazing oil!