Hospital Zen

blank prescription padJC had me on the edge of my seat with her harrowing, obstacle-miracle-obstacle-miracle story of crossing the country for a scheduled medical procedure, only to be sidelined with unexpected complications as a result of the travel. She was in agony. Her body shuddered in pain with every inhale. She couldn’t move, let alone eat or sleep. Her doctors were doing what they could with morphine and muscle relaxants, but JC begged for more. The doctor then said, “Well, we have an aromatherapy program here…” and JC said, “Anything!”

You see, another of the many miracles of this story is that JC had landed at one of the hospitals that offer Urban Zen Integrative Therapy. She was treated with a combination of Reiki and essential oils. The result? “It took away my pain.” IT TOOK AWAY HER PAIN!

And that is my dream come true: the best of medical science coming together with ancient and powerful healing modalities to bring peace to one suffering soul.

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