How to “Set Container”

How to “Set Container”

The thing you want next—the job; the relationship; the body; the lifestyle—won’t come unless you hold space for it. And, believe me, this is no namby-pamby feel-good woo-woo wishing exercise. This is a Herculean effort to energetically BECOME the person who has the job/relationship/body. Think about it: if it were easy, wouldn’t you already be that person and have that thing?

Setting container (also called, “holding space”) begins with you getting clarity on exactly what you WANT TO EXPERIENCE. The focus is on what you are moving toward, not away from. You will feel pulled forward by Joy, not fear, scarcity or regret. Primarily, this part of the process is about taking responsibility for creating the experience you want to create, beginning with knowing precisely what it is.

This commitment will also reveal where you harbor anger or resentments, or where you have unhealed wounds. Into this space will come the opportunity to clear, to heal. This is necessary work, requiring your gentle focus, and possibly assistance. Stay with it. It takes as long as it takes.

As you clear this space, but before the new thing comes, you must live with an uncomfortable emptiness. In this in-between, you won’t “know” what you’re doing and where you’re going (a.k.a. the future). Awkward, but think about it: if you knew the future it would mean you were recreating something you’ve already experienced. A repeat. Creating something new in your life, by definition, means it is unknowable. So—congratulations!—this uncomfortable empty space is where you want to be. The more empty the better. Emptiness is the raw material of magic.

During this time, be especially mindful. Everything sets a precedent. Like wet cement, your imprint will be lasting. To make powerful shifts TOWARD what you want to experience, make use of these 6 foundational elements:

  1. How you use your time – Divvy out your minutes like they are gold. They are the currency you trade for the experience you want. Be judicious about investing them where you truly want a return. How you structure your day – Block your time to match your personal energy. Maybe it’s morning for self-care and creativity; afternoons for productivity; evenings for home and family…whatever is right for you.
  2. What you do & don’t give attention to – If you give it attention, it attaches a string to you, binding you, exchanging energy with you. Bind yourself in alignment with the future you are creating.
  3. Who you give time or energy to – Similarly, bind yourself to humans who lift, inspire and energize you. Disconnect your energy from, and give less and less time to, those who don’t.
  4. Your surroundings – Scrub your environment of anything that feels heavy or pulls you down. Populate your space with affirmations, intentions, beauty, inspirations, prayers, quotes, goals, aspirations and love. Lots of love.
  5. Self-Care – Your physical body has limits. Meet your needs for rest, nutrition and exercise so it can continue to serve you at higher and higher levels.
  6. Divine Guidance – Remember you are not alone. Build in a practice that strengthens a reciprocal relationship (asking and receiving) with your Source.

Setting container/holding space is a practice. Sometimes it’s easy; sometimes it’s hard. Stick with it. Intention is 9/10ths of the battle.


Whole-being well-being expert, Liz Garrett, translates scientific and metaphysical principles into PRACTICAL APPLICATION leaders use to change their lives, their relationships, their work and, ultimately, the world.


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