How to Use Essential Oils: Inhalation

One of the first questions people generally ask me about using essential oils for health and happiness is, “HOW?”  They want to know, “How do I use them?”

The most common way to use essential oils is inhalation, so inhalation is the first of three ways I am going to share with you.

Inhalation is also called aromatherapy.  It involves breathing the oil in through the nose.   It is very effective for several reasons.  When we breathe an oil up the nose, it goes into our brain.  Our brain, of course, is where our emotions reside, as well as the centers for pain control and hormone balance.  So, bathing our brains with essential oils is very effective.  But also those molecules are so tiny, they cross from the brain into the blood, where they are circulated throughout the body.  Not only that.  When we breathe in an essential oil, we breathe it into our lungs.  Our lungs exchange air with blood, so once again, the essential oil can enter our blood stream.

Inhalation is a very effective way of exposing ourselves to essential oils, and we can do it in a number of ways.  The most simple is just breathing the oils straight out of the bottle, in other words, taking a whiff.  We can put the essential oil into a diffuser for distribution throughout a room.  Sprinkling or spraying essential oils onto our sheets and towels is another way to breathe them in. Applying oils to a scarf or tissue is a way to inhale them throughout the day.  We can put oils onto cotton balls which we put into plastic sandwich bags to take to school or work to sniff throughout the day.

Any time we breathe an oil in through our nose, we are actually distributing it throughout the body.  That’s called inhalation and that is the first of three ways we use essential oils for health and happiness.

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