I Have a Pill for You

I have a pill for you. It’s a Happy Pill. I’ll set it right here in front of you.  You can choose to take it at any time.  Let me tell you its conditions and side effects so you can make a fully informed decision.

When you take the Happy Pill, you will experience only life’s perfection, the goodness of people, the beauty of the most mundane.  You will have continual peace.  All sorrows will pass.

There will be no anxiety.  You can hold no anger, resentments, regrets or judgments.  Happiness has no stress, no adrenaline rushes.  You can’t feel sorry for yourself.  You can’t be a victim.

Once you take the Happy Pill, you will step into your full authenticity.  You will not be able to compromise yourself for the comfort and approval of others.  You will have to express your gifts fully, regardless of the glamour and pay-range of the job.  Don’t worry, though; your needs will be met.  You will have enough—not more, not less.Happy Pill meme

(Nudging pill toward you.)  Do you want it?  It’s your choice.  It’s a choice you’re already making.

Will you swallow the Happy Pill?

You have tools and support available to you to move yourself toward happiness.  If you don’t choose to use them, ask yourself what pill you are swallowing instead.

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