Demystifying Intuition: How to access your inner wisdom

<strong>Demystifying Intuition: How to access your inner wisdom</strong>

What is intuition?

Some would say it’s a body-based response happening below our conscious awareness. This is very likely true. We have billions of nerve cells receiving and communicating information at a rate far faster, far greater than our brain is able to process. So yeah, sure, I do think that is a factor in intuition

Some would say that intuition is the voice of the divine, of angels, of God, of our ancestors, whispering into our knowingness to guide and support us. I won’t rule that out.

It is probably all of that…and more. Intuition is a compilation of resources available to us that draw from our past, from our ancestral DNA, from our emotions, from forgotten knowledge, from voices of people who have loved us… I think it is all of that collapsing into one tiny little moment. One quantum packet of information that we must learn to access.

Intuition is one source of information, and it is not perfect in itself. Intuition can be wrong…but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it. To cut ourselves off from this source of information would be like running a race with one leg tied behind our back…if that’s even a thing.

So let me share with you a simple way to check in with your intuition…

Think of your intuition as your highest self. It is the is the best part of you, the part that knows your values and your capabilities, the eternal part of you that knows your truth.

Just pause and ask your highest self what the truth is in this moment. Or what you should do about a situation. Or the best choice among many.

Pay attention! The answer comes quickly—usually before you have fully formed the question.

For me, I feel my intuition as a tiny little flutter… Butterfly wings inside me. I’ve learned to tune in to that, and even though the sensation is almost dismissible, and now, after much practice, it gets my attention like a thunderbolt. I receive it with curiosity. I wonder how it factors in to everything else that collapses into this moment.

Your intuition is there for you. Just ask it.


Whole-being well-being expert, Liz Garrett, translates scientific and metaphysical principles into PRACTICAL APPLICATION leaders use to change their lives, their relationships, their work and, ultimately, the world.


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