Is There Change in YOUR Air?

Autumn forces change upon us all. Trees surrender their leaves in a breathtaking blaze of glory.  Children step up to the bus, marking the milestone passing of another grade. Fall causes us to change our clothing, our TV viewing, and our weekend activities.  Like no other season, Fall makes a show of change.

Change is in THE air, but is it in YOUR air?  As in, “She had a certain air about her,” one definition of the word, “air,” is how we project ourselves into the world.  Our “air” is our truth, as perceived by others.  Your truth won’t be denied–the sooner you live it, the better.

Every time I have been “surprised” by change, when I look closer in hindsight, I realize change was inevitable.  I was resisting it! If only I had faced the change sooner, it would have a lot been easier.  The lesson I learned was to be very aware of situations where I am not being true.  That’s the red flag for me.

Autumn is the time to clear YOUR air, to stir up some positive change in your life.  Take advantage of autumnal energy by bringing truth to these essential areas:

  • Relationships–The 5 people closest to you influence who you become.  Are you surrounded by people you admire and respect, and who admire and respect you?
  • Livelihood–No matter how you’re exchanging time for money, it’s a waste of your precious time if you can’t find meaning and alignment.  Are you clear on your purpose?
  • Temple–Preparing the physical body is a basic requirement for personal growth.  Are you honoring your body’s non-negotiable needs for proper nutrition, sleep, and stress management?

Change will come.  If not now, when?  If not by you, by whom?

Change…welcome!  You know it’s coming, don’t you?  While there can be sadness in the endings that accompany growth, change is inevitable.  We can’t stop it, so we might as well welcome it. Just as the trees make a beautiful show of letting go of the old to make room for next Spring’s blossoms, we can honor the people and experiences that brought joy to our life, and lovingly let them go to make room for what’s next.  It’s only natural.  True You will have it no other way.

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