Is Your Oil Pure?

oil_in_flaskHow do you know if an essential oil is “therapeutic grade?” Sadly, in the US, labeling laws apply to lower perfume-grade standards. An essential oil can be labeled “100% Pure Therapeutic Grade” with only 5% of the plant in the bottle, and that 5% can be synthetic–devoid of therapeutic value and potentially harmful.  Therefore, you must take responsibility for assuring the oils you reach for are pure and potent.

There is only one way to be sure: CALL the maker of your oil and ask these questions:

-Do you own and/or monitor the farms to assure the plants are grown in optimum conditions without chemicals?
-Do you monitor the production of each oil from seed to bottle to assure each step is treated with integrity?
-Are the plants distilled one time, slowly, over low temperature to gently obtain the oil?
-Do you test each and every batch with GC/MS (not just GC) to assure it has the necessary therapeutic chemical composition?
-What if an oil does not meet therapeutic standards?

They should gladly answer your questions.

FYI, Young Living’s number is 1-800-371-3515.

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