Layering is Not Just for Sweaters

Sweater01Maybe you can relate to this. Coaching with P, we saw a real disconnect between what she wished she were doing with her time and what her calendar demonstrated she was doing with her time.  This, we determined, was at the heart of her stress, sleeplessness and aching discontent:  she feared she was wasting her one, precious life.

I often look to a person’s calendar to reveal the truth of their life. Our power—our happiness—is in how we spend our time.  At the end of a day, week, month, year, or lifetime, we see we have lived the life we created by how we spent our time.

But in the moment, when we feel the pressures of other people’s wants and needs, we often forget what is really important to our soul.

What is really important to you? Maybe it’s things like:

  • Meeting the kids after school
  • Writing a novel
  • Sunset celebrations
  • Yoga classes
  • Going to a gym
  • Quiet mornings
  • Weekly family nights

Here is a way to bring those time priorities into the moment-by-moment scheduling choices you make.


If you use Microsoft Outlook and/or any smart phone, you have the technology to create multiple calendars. Create one you call something like “Scheduling Guidelines” or “Soul Commitments,” and build into it recurring appointments for all those activities you truly value.  Make this calendar a different color and adjust the “view” so that it layers behind your main calendar.  Every time you schedule, you’ll see those appointments.  You may not be able to honor them every time, but you will be able to honor them more and more often.

Within days, P was seeing a difference. A month later she told me, “Three or four days out of my week are like a dream come true. I had no idea I had this power the whole time.”  She is now excited about the future, about spending her time doing more and more of the things she loves.

You have this power, too. If you need help claiming it, schedule a FREE Discovery Call so we can explore possibilities.


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