Lookin’ For Love

It’s only Wednesday, and I have already had at least three conversations about sex and essential oils this week. Maybe it is because Valentine’s Day is approaching. Or maybe it is because yet another new drug is being advertised with the promise of love so prolonged it could lead to the emergenccupidy room.

People have love on their minds, as they should. There is no biological reason a healthy body shouldn’t enjoy sex until the end. Sex is the canary-in-the-coalmine of health, stress, and happiness. If any of these important life areas is compromised, sex is the first to suffer. Therefore, a declining sex life might be asking for your attention to your own health and happiness.

Enter essential oils. With their immediate and direct effect on our emotional brain, as well as our hormones, essential oils can very powerfully shift and correct the causes of lagging libido, restoring us to our fully human, sexual, self.

Here are the oils and products recommended by the Essential Oils Desk Reference for lack of libido:

For MEN:  myrrh, black pepper, ylang ylang, ginger, nutmeg, pine Ocotea, SclarEssence, Mister, Live with Passion, Transformation, The Gift, Valor, En-R-Gee, MultiGreens, Prostate Health, Sulfurzyme, EndoGize, Essentialzyume, Super B, Mineral Essence, Prenolone Plus Body Cream

For WOMEN:  geranium, ylang ylang, rose, clary sage, nutmeg, Idaho balsam fir, SclarEssence, Sensation, Lady Sclareol, Joy, Live with Passion, Endogize, MultiGreens, Estro, Sulfurzyme, PD 80/20, Thyromin, FemiGen, Progessence Plus, Prenolone Plus Body Cream

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