Seeing Our Truths Reflected

<strong>Seeing Our Truths Reflected</strong>

Have you ever noticed…

…The branching of your circulatory system looks a lot like the veins on a leaf?

…The cycle of a minute repeats in the cycle of a day, which repeats in the cycle of the moon, which repeats in the cycle of a year?

…The truth in the maxim, how you do anything is how you do everything?

The microcosmic/macrocosmic analogy, originated by ancient Greek philosophers, observes structural similarities between the human being and the greater universe, and uses this parallel to make connections between the nature of the universe and human nature. Basically, it says that what is true in any smaller system is also true in a larger one, and vice versa.

There is information in seeing the reflection of cycles and patterns outside of ourselves. Microcosmic/macrocosmic paradigms contend that the systems of the Universe, because of their holistic relationships, all reflect and parallel one another. They are connected, repetitive and relative. The Laws of Nature apply at all levels, so to observe or understand any one level is to be informed on all levels. Hence, the planets represent our personalities (astrology); the balance of five basic elements represent our health (ayurveda); the systems of the body can be mapped on a foot (reflexology); and so forth, infinitely.

We can use this model to challenge and shift perspective. The microcosmic/macrocosmic framework can make us aware of patterns in which we can then find meaning. Like all models of wholeness, it is a reduction that makes life more comprehensible. Rather than directly providing answers, it increases awareness. It is like a Rorschach test, revealing to the user exactly the information they are seeking. Since our brains can only recognize information relative to pre-established patterns (neural networks), that we even notice patterns outside ourselves suggests they exist within ourselves.

This invites expansive questioning about what we notice:

  • What about (insert any external issue) is also playing out within me?
  • Where is my (health/relationship/work/whatever) reflected in the seasons of Nature, and what does that tell me?
  • How are external blockages (like traffic, delays, poor service) potentially a manifestation of a psychological or emotional blockage within me?
  • What do I dislike about (this situation or person) that I dislike within myself?

The significance of macro/microcosmic paradigms is that they inform and empower us to achieve healthy balance. In the constantly shifting dynamic of complex systems, we can observe imbalances anywhere and know there are imbalances elsewhere. Likewise, when we correct an imbalance anywhere, we correct it elsewhere, too. Because microcosmic/macrocosmic reflections work in both directions, when one person works toward healing, wholeness and balance, they contribute to the healing, wholeness and balance of all. Effort is never wasted.


Whole-being well-being expert, Liz Garrett, supports leaders in deepening embodied self-awareness so they can change their lives, their relationships, their work and, ultimately, the world.


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