Mooncycle Misalignment

<strong>Mooncycle Misalignment</strong>

In mooncycle planning, we align with the moon’s ebb and flow as much as possible…except when we cannot.

Some things are out of our control.

Like, we start a major new client in a waning moon phase.

Or, a relationship ends on the quarter moon.

Or, we are scheduled to give a presentation on a dark moon.

What then?

Here are some strategies for making the most of moon cycle misalignment:

  1. Don’t automatically accept it. We often have more influence than we think. Simply say, “That date is not ideal for me. Any chance we could find something around X date?” It doesn’t hurt to ask.
  2. Write a long, ongoing list of affirmations. Read them often. Keep them visible. This keeps the brain trained on the positive possibilities. Here are some examples:
    1. I am fully present to WHAT IS, going with the flow, grateful that my needs are always met.
    1. I am safe in the Universe and all life loves and supports me.
    1. I am clearer and stronger than any other time in my life. I am limitless.
  3. Increase use of tools that work. For me that includes essential oils, crystals, intention, tarot and journaling.
  4. Get out in nature more, even if briefly. Let the rays of sunlight penetrate your eyes. Let your feet feel the earth.
  5. Break the big, misaligned thing into smaller parts, perhaps saving some pieces for better alignment.
  6. Redefine your project using intention. Instead of “starting a new client“ during a waning moon, try “completing training and preparation“ during the waning moon.
  7. find other areas of your life that are in alignment and focus more on those. A relationship ends on the quarter moon? Focus on actions at work or in the garden, which quarter moon calls for.
  8. Something to think about: were there clues in previous moon phases that you missed? Sometimes there is a lesson, especially if this is a pattern.
  9. Most of all, support yourself. Misaligned activities take more effort. They can be extra draining. Rest, self-care and support are crucial at these times.

And, finally, remember this too shall pass. You are on a spiralic journey. The earth keeps spinning. Seasons keep coming. Moon phases pass. Do your best with what you’ve got, and move on.


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