Mooncycle Review Questions

Mooncycle Review Questions

Conduct this review during the Balsamic Moon phase, the waning crescent dissolving into darkness. Notes and explanations are italicized. Write your answers on paper for future reference—its insights are useful beyond the current moon cycle.

  1. What did I plant at the New Moon and what manifested?

This question works in reverse, too: If everything that manifested this month had its roots in your subconscious, what does it reveal?

2. What did I enjoy most this cycle, and why?

Joy is your best GPS for life. Even if it doesn’t seem relevant to this cycle’s goals, noticing what brings you pleasure/satisfaction/fulfillment/happiness will help you enjoy more of it.

3. What did I enjoy least, and why?

Ditto #2, but inverse.

4. What do analytics reveal? What specific metrics matter to you? Mine are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • WordPress data
  • Facebook post traffic
  • LinkedIn post traffic
  • Email List
  • Teachable engagement
  • Medium stats

5. Financial overview

What do your finances reveal in this cycle? Look at budgets, P&L, or whatever reports matter to you. Any areas for concern or specific successes? Just note them.

6. Take-aways, actions and adjustments

Over a day or two or three, allow the data you uncovered in the first 5 questions to marinate. As insights occur, note them. List actions you may take, adjustments to make. Be liberal: if it comes to you, capture it. You’re not committing to action. You’ll only take action as guided on the next—or future—new moon.