Observations in Lost Opportunity

Meeting #1: Unnamed Person X was considered for a career boosting opportunity.

Meeting #2: Unnamed Person X exploded in a 60-sec emotional response to a work situation.

Meeting #3: Unnamed person X was no longer under consideration for the career boosting opportunity.

Unnamed Person X never knew of the opportunity, that she was considered for the opportunity, or that she lost the opportunity. Her career path took a turn that day, away from higher responsibility and higher pay, and the people in the room will never tell her why.

I’m not saying this is good or bad, right or wrong, or gender discrimination (although, at some level, it is). I’m saying, this is the way it is. We pay the price for breaking rules we didn’t even know existed.

Here is what Unnamed Person X needed to know: there are The Rules. Like them or not, they exist, and they are working for or against you right now. There is only one proven progression to make The Rules work FOR you, and here it is:

  1. Learn The Rules.
  2. Play by The Rules.
  3. Win by The Rules.
  4. Change The Rules.

Consider this: if you are a person of low positional power, ignoring or resisting The Rules only hurts you. If you want to change The Rules (yes please!), now you know how.

Here are some ways to learn The Rules:

-Listen and observe more than you talk and react.

-Read books; attend seminars; listen to podcasts.

-Find a mentor.

-Take a trusted adviser to lunch.

-Take on opportunities to grow and learn.

How will you get started?



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