It’s Time for an (Oil) Change

resistancetochangeThings have changed.  Very quickly, foundational change has swept through network marketing, alternative health practices, essential oils, Young Living, and me.  Change was ignited by two main forces:  unprecedented growth (Young Living had 250,000 members when I joined in 2010; it is now nearing 4 million) and, not unrelated, scrutiny by FDA (See my blog, “Essential Oils are Not Drugs”).

I see now that I trudged through the stages of grief:

  • Denial – “This isn’t really happening…There’s got to be a way around it.”
  • Anger – “Who are ‘they’ to tell me what I can and can’t say?…Do ‘they’ have any idea how much I spent on brochures I can no longer use?”
  • Bargaining – “Ok, they can control what I say online and in public, but not in private conversations.”
  • Acceptance – “This change is more in alignment with my values and who I authentically am.”

An in-depth inner review brought me to acceptance.  To be honest, I wasn’t entirely happy in the direction my wellness work was taking.  Too often, I found myself being an “expert” and “outside authority” for people, when my deepest belief is that each of us is endowed with innate healing wisdom.  My desire is to guide others to access their innate wisdom, NOT to replace it.  I deeply believe that the plant realm was provided to support our wellness, but in a holistic way.  Addressing an issue or symptom oil-by-oil felt only slightly better than the modern-medicine practice of prescribing.  Our wellness is systematic, not symptomatic.  A sore knee is as much a mental and spiritual condition as it is an inflammatory one.  My education, training and experience have shown me our holistic nature over and over again, but my daily conversations had reduced to addressing symptoms.  No more.

The way I now see it, the new compliance policies result in 3 good things:

  • People are made responsible for their own health;
  • I get to talk about wellness instead of illness;
  • And my focus is on whole-being well-being, where real healing occurs.

This acceptance allowed me to attend the Young Living Convention with openness and curiosity.  With all the changes, will I still like this company, trust its products, and believe in its future?  I return with a resounding YES! Young Living is not perfect.  Last fall, as it struggled to adjust to unprecedented growth, its shipping times, customer service wait times, and product-out-of-stocks went through the roof.  Even so, product quality was never compromised.  How easy (and profitable) it would have been to dilute the oils so they could go further, or speed up distillation times, or harvest too soon.  But Young Living’s commitment has always been to create the highest quality oils possible, and that did not waver even under extreme duress.  Instead, they created more farms and distilleries to sustainably meet the increased demands.  I may find fault in some of the choices the company makes, but I do not doubt their product or their integrity.  They are what they are, inside and out.  Young Living is far, far ahead of any other essential oils company and, as a network marketing company, its growth has now surpassed Avon and Mary Kay.  With over twenty years as the world’s leader in essential oils, Young Living’s roots run deep.  It is firmly grounded to withstand the winds of change, and grow stronger and stronger into the future.

The company–and the industry–are in uncharted territory.  We are in a culture-defining moment.  We will “no longer use disease as a sales tool,” as CEO Mary Young said.  We are about optimizing health and well-being.  This is a lifestyle-centered approach.  Young Living oils naturally inspire curiosity because they are effective, versatile, unique and high quality.  Also, Young Living offers the perfect balance between product and opportunity, while most companies do one or the other.

My favorite part of Young Living’s mission statement has always been “inspiring individuals to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.”  This speaks to my heart.  I deeply believe wellness, purpose and abundance are your birthright, already yours, waiting to be claimed.  My life’s work is about spreading this message, and Young Living helps me do that.  Going forward, here is how I am focusing on these points of alignment with Young Living:

  • Wellness–I will share a systematic (not symptomatic) approach to whole-being well-being using essential oils.  You’re going to love it!
  • Purpose–The Young Living Foundation is doing AMAZING work around the world to bring education to impoverished people.  I have always said, “Education saved me,” so I will donate 10% of earnings for every premium starter kit enrollment.  (P.S. This charity gives 100% of donations to the cause.)
  • Abundance:  Since I cannot know whose life might be changed by the business opportunity (even I turned it down at first), I will share about the business at every meeting.

I can’t wait to share this with you in person!  Call me for a conversation, and or see this new approach in action at my next in-home gathering, “Claiming Wellness, Purpose and Abundance,” on August 31 at 6:30 pm.  Seats are limited — reserve yours now!







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