Excuse me, Sir, did you know you have a pine cone in your brain?

Pine ConeBuried deep in the protected center of your brain is the indispensable, mythical, magical pineal gland. Pinecone-shaped, reddish-gray, and the size of a grain of rice, the pineal gland is an important part of the endocrine system that regulates bio-rhythms, sleep, hunger, thirst, sexual desire and aging process. The tiny gland has huge blood flow, second only to the kidneys, and is part of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

It is also the gland associated with the Third Eye chakra that governs a higher state of consciousness involving intuition and universal consciousness. Seventeenth century philosopher and scientist René Descartes, who dedicated much time to the study of the pineal gland, called it the “principal seat of the soul.” He believed it to be the meeting point of the mind and body.

How beautiful is that! Perfectly situated between the two hemispheres of your brain is this tiny, pinpoint convergence of the two worlds: inner and outer, science and spirit, thought and matter, light and health. The pineal is important! Some say it is our soul’s connection to our body, and through it, to one another.

When I notice myself experiencing confusion and delusions, becoming overly analytical, or sliding into despair, anxiety and pessimism, I think about supporting my poor pineal gland. The pineal can become blocked or calcified. A calcified pineal can even be seen on an x-ray. Fortunately, just a few simple lifestyle adjustments can help keep the pineal going strong.

  1. Guard what you put into and onto your body. In particular, avoid fluoride, food additives and chemicals, and processed foods.
  2. As much as possible, associate with natural light. Get fifteen minutes a day of unfiltered sunlight into your eyes (without looking directly at the sun). Experience some period of complete darkness each night. Avoid fluorescent light.
  3. Activate and energize your pineal gland with indigo- or violet-colored crystals, meditation, and high alpha-pinene essential oils like sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, clary sage, helichrysum, and pine. Not “coincidentally,” oils from conifer trees are very high in alpha-pinenes.

When you go out into the world today, you will certainly see a pine cone. Let it remind you of the one that’s in your brain, and give them both some love.

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