Self-Care Summit: Promotional Resources

Self-Care Summit: Promotional Resources

Formally known as “Self-Care Saturday,” the name has changed to “SELF-CARE SUMMIT” to reflect the true spirit of many professionals coming together to offer their expertise.

Session List as of December 26

Do you know wellness professionals who have something to offer our self-care students? Great–the more, the merrier! Share the “Call For Instructors” link ( Since this summit provides self-care professionals the opportunity to leverage a broader audience, we all benefit from the collaboration.

In Process or Complete
  1. Exploring Watercolor as Self-Care, Cheryl Buckel
  2. Improving Sleep, Courtney Bear
  3. Discover Your Self-Care Needs Written in Your Hands, Elaine Callahan
  4. Self-Care for the High Performer, Felicia Ford
  5. Crush Your Cravings with Tapping, Vickie Griffith
  6. Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Vickie Griffith
  7. Energy Clearing, Brenda Gruver
  8. DIY Foot Soak, Gloria Henderson
  9. Chakra Balancing, Lisa Marks
  10. Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Helen Millar
  11. Gain Vocal Confidence, Melissa Rae Quinones
  12. How to Start Your Day the High-Vibe Way, Shelli Roberts
  13. Creating Space for Self-Care, Manami Workman
  14. Stretches to Soothe Upper Back and Neck, Amanda Chou
  15. Stretches to Soothe Low Back and Hips, Amanda Chou
  16. World-Building: Sensing the World You Envision, Wes Gow
  17. 10x Your Self-Care
  18. Moon-Phase Planning
  19. Beauty quest
In Planning
  1. Organizing Your Pantry, Mindy Arnold
  2. Chakra Meditation, Christine Griggs
  3. (Something Positive), Cynthia Grossman
  4. Self-Hypnosis, Jeannie Smith
  5. Journaling, Jenny Troester
  6. Natural Spa Day, Suzanne VanOver
  7. Reiki Self-Healing, Wendy Wisner

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Mutual Promotion

A rising tide lifts all ships, so let’s succeed together. If you have ideas for promotion, or suggestions for improvements, or a specific graphic, email me. I am in this for the collaboration.


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Link to “How the Self-Care Summit Was Born” (2.5 min) here

Self-Care Diaries: make short, personal videos about what self care means to you. Tag me so I can include them in our course.

Use this 30-sec “Self-Care Lifestyle” video in your promo:

Marketing Copy

Use any or all of the copy in my recent newsletters. Be sure to change any registration links to your own so you get referral credit.

Offer a Free Webinar

Here is a promotional idea you can copy and/or make your own: host a free webinar that drives participants to register for the Self-Care Summit. I did it. Watch (and share) the video. Here’s the PowerPoint for your use.


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