Q: How Sensual Are You?

The five sensesA: As sensual as you want to be!

Your body is wired to associate pleasure with its five sensory inputs: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.  The easiest–and most delightful—thing you’ll do all day is simply tune into them! It requires no money, no time, no equipment, no assistance, nor another person.  Yet, it will allow you to fall more fully into yourself, to be present to the beauty of your mere existence.  Try it now:

  • Lift your eyes from this page and let them survey your surroundings. Feel as they drink in your favorite colors, flit across meaningful objects, and soak in the comforts that surround you. See rays of light that left the Sun only eight minutes ago dance on the surfaces around you, only to be received by your eyes.
  • Now, close your eyes and let your ears “see” for you. Go past the identification and labeling of the sounds—cat purring, train passing, distant wind chimes – and simply take in life’s symphonic vibration.
  • Lightly run your fingers along your body. Feel the nerve endings in your sensitive hands come alive as they process the voluptuous textures of your clothing, the warmth of your skin, the silkiness of your hair. Did you also feel yourself exhale and relax to your own touch?
  • When you put food in your month, notice the playground that got designed into your tongue! Your taste buds discern salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami (associated with savory), and your brain converts the signals into pure primal pleasure! Fully give in to the “mmmmmmm” of your next meal.
  • Smell, the most powerful of all your senses, is the only one that goes straight to your emotional brain, making you feel before you can think. Without your awareness, you are constantly processing as many as 10,000 scents that directly influence not only your emotions, but also most of your body’s major systems. Use this to make yourself feel good! Breathe in soothing frankincense oil, grounding ginger, uplifting lemon, or sexy ylang ylang to immediately feel what you want to feel.

Live sensually now! To enjoy a little boost, click here.

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