Scents and Scentuality

Ooooooh la la! This is my new favorite aromatherapy book! I know, I know– they are ALL my fave—but this one is different. Here’s why…

In Scents and Scentuality: Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for Love, Romance, and Sex, Valerie Ann Worwood gets real about using essential oils in the most personal of ways. She is specific and scientific, yet sensitive and supportive, like a spiritual guide or best friend who truly wants the best for you and is willing to share ancient truths that unlock the secrets of your own body.

Here’s the right-on Amazon book description: Fragrances and aromas have been used throughout time for love and seduction. Now modern science is discovering what lovers and the scentually aware have always known — that smell is a powerful stimulant that affects our emotions and our memories, our well-being, and even our destinies. “Scents and Sexuality” explores this little-known realm, showing how the potent and pure essential oils of nature can heighten the pleasure of daily life or enrich a romantic evening.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of recipes for beautiful essential oil blends, combining oils I would not have thought to put together. For example, here’s one she calls “The Recue Formula:” 3 drops grapefruit, 2 drops ginger, 1 drop ylang ylang. Doesn’t that sound yummy?!

There is no stereotyping, and her gender language includes all. The chapters on The Scentual Woman and The Scentual Man are particularly informative, while being sensitive to the nuanced realities of female and male sexuality. She even dares to address essential oils for viral and bacterial challenges in a chapter called, “The Other Side.” As I read this book, I felt deep gratitude for the author’s willingness and ability to push past the potential discomfort of these personal topics, to the true beauty available in the most intimate of human expression.

On a personal note: this is one book you probably want in book form, not electronic. I ended up purchasing it twice so I could keep a dog-earred, hand-noted version convenient for quick and ready reference. 😉

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