I am inviting health & wellness practitioners to join me in helping people develop a practice of regular self-care. We are working together to develop a “course” that will give students a deep inventory of self-care practices. We want our students to feel empowered, capable and worthy of regular self-care, to see self-care as a necessary and loving investment in their best self.

This summit provides self-care professionals the opportunity to reach a broader audience, to invite participants to join your sphere of offerings, while earning a 50% commission for your referrals.

View the course landing page here.

About the “Self-Care Summit”

Formally known as “Self-Care Saturday,” the name has changed to “SELF-CARE SUMMIT” to reflect the true spirit of many professionals coming together to offer their expertise.

Participants build the habit of scheduling a regular weekly appointment with themselves for self-care. They plan and prepare for their session in advance by watching Instructor video lectures and gathering any necessary ingredients, support, or space.

  • Hosted on my Course platform at
  • Course opens on first New Moon in 2021: January 12
  • Course will contain 52 or more guided lessons/sessions a participant can explore independently
  • I’d like to have all content posted before Course opens, and will continue to add lessons/sessions indefinitely after opening.
  • Regular price will be $99 (50% affiliate referral is available to you)
  • Promotion will begin November 15 to allow holiday gift purchases

Example Topics

Use your imagination–anything that will enhance a person’s effort to care for themselves is welcome! Be creative. The more unique, the better. You can even offer multiple sessions/topics. Notice how specific these examples are…

  • How to Self Massage
  • How to Dry Brush
  • Honoring Self with Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • How to Make a Natural Foot Scrub
  • How to Give Yourself a Natural Facial
  • How to Relieve Low Back Tension with Yoga
  • 7 Steps of Sacred Ceremonial Ritual
  • How to Relieve Stress in Your Neck
  • How to Use Acupressure for Relaxation
  • Using Mooncycle Journaling for Personal Growth
  • How to Marie Kondo Your Closet
  • How to Use a Pendulum for Yes/No Guidance

About Your Session

  • Begin with the end in mind–are you promoting a service or offering you want the student to sample? Are you looking to grow your list, or create other specific opportunities for your business?
  • Be action-oriented. You’re showing student something they can specifically DO.
  • Assume the role of a teacher, walking them through a specific practice or ritual.
  • You can provide resources or references for deeper exploration, broader practices, or theory.
  • Instructional videos are great. We can make one together with me interviewing you via Zoom, or you can provide something you create or may already have. Aim for approximately 20-30 minute.
  • Note: references to essential oils can be generic or Young Living Essential Oils. No other brand can be referenced or promoted in this course.

What You Provide

  • Video or audio instruction.
  • Your writeup: title and description of session, bio with pic
  • Handouts (or other media) for downloading
  • Links, special, gifts (this is your Lead Magnet opportunity)
  • A Supplies & Ingredients list
  • A free gift (something tangible to augment their selfcare experience, like a recording or handout or sample or something on your website). A “gift” is not a discount (although you can provide a discount in addition to a gift, if you like).

What You Receive

  • Opportunity to promote your services and products
  • Raw recording of our interview for your use
  • Grow your list with some sort of link or lead magnet
  • An affiliate link (optional) to promote “Self-Care Summit” course with 50% referral fee
  • Professional graphics and sample copy you can use for promotion
  • Leveraged promotion by other instructors

I hope you’ll join me in this effort. I love partnership and creative collaboration with other professionals. Let’s help people learn to love themselves!

Next Step

Wanna float an idea? Email me and we’ll play. And/or book time directly on my calendar, below, to chat, brainstorm or record your session. Let’s have some fun!


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