Super Blue Blood Moon and True You

A rare celestial occurrence called a ‘Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse’ will occur on January 31, 2018.

Blue Moon is when two full moons happen in the same calendar month. Interestingly, there is no Full Moon in February and, again, two full moons in March! A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes into Earth’s shadow; not all that rare in itself, but for it to occur during a full moon is it is called a Blood Moon because it reflects the Earth’s shadow as red. Supermoons happen when is the near-Earth point of the moon’s orbit coincides with a full moon. More on the science here.

Being mostly water, you are affected by lunar events! There are many interpretations–prophesies, even–about the significance of these events, but your inner wisdom is best. Grab a journal, a cup of tea, an delicious essential oil blend (like Dreamcatcher or Awaken) and look inside to find what meaning they hold for you, at this time and place in your journey.

Here are some thoughts and questions to stimulate your inquiry:

  • The Full Moon illuminates inner wisdom — what do you see within yourself if you are totally honest?
  • Is the playful, hide-and-seek nature of Blue Moon, no Moon, Blue Moon again (Illumination, darkness, illumination) echoed somewhere in your life?  What are you trying not to see?
  • Eclipses speak of alignment — where do you have or lack strong alignments in your life? Are your alignments serving you?
  • What does the Earth’s shadow mean to you? Is symbolic “Mother” casting a shadow over your inner illumination? Or is it the Earth’s yang, chaotic energy eclipsing the yin, passive moon?
  • Is all this coincidence, or is something trying to get your (our) attention? What is it?
  • What is the significance of blood to you, especially in relationship to Earth and Moon symbols?
  • The moon often represents the ultimate female energy: cyclic, dark, quiet, powerful.
  • The close, full moon imposes a strong gravitational pull on you. Do you feel pulled in any direction right now? Are you resisting or flowing?

Have fun with your inquiry! This is not a test to pass or questions to answer “right.” The growth journey is an adventure to enjoy. Play around with possible interpretations, and note any that resonate strongly with True You.

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