Surround Yourself with Intention…and Watch It Spread to Others

Surround Yourself with Intention…and Watch It Spread to Others
Chartres Cathedral

Every Cathedral is special and powerful, and Chartres Cathedral is unique among them. Look it up yourself, because this isn’t a blog about Chartres.

Chartres Cathedral

This is a post about surrounding yourself with support that makes you feel stronger, wiser, clearer and more peaceful. I am offering another brick in the strong foundation you build for yourself, so that you can withstand the negative drip-drip-drip of daily living, and become the best version of you. This is a reminder of the timeless, energetic connection of all things that allows you to access strength and wisdom, vibrationally, without your conscious awareness. This is one small thing you can do to have a big, positive ripple effect. This is also a plea: make the moment-by-moment choice toward peace. This is the only way we, the World, will know peace, one person at a time, beginning with you.

Let peace ring! When you hear the bells of Chartres Cathedral [click here, recorded while visiting in 2012], their mystical energy vibrates within every cell of your body. I invite you to download the file and make it your ringtone so that your phone brings these resonant tones of peace to everyone in earshot, every time it rings.

The following is an essay I wrote in 2012 after visiting the Cathedral…

A Prayer, A Labyrinth, and Essential Oils—Ancient Practices for the 21st Century

Life is beautiful and generous and gives us gifts that string together like pearls, if we pay attention.  I do not always pay attention and I learn rather slowly sometimes, so please forgive my excitement at “discovering” the power and practicality of these spiritual tools that have been around for millennia.

This discovery began three years ago with the excellent book about the Lord’s Prayer, “The Source of Miracles” by Kathleen McGowan…

The Lord’s Prayer

It is one of the world’s best known prayers, uniting billions of people across language and theological differences.  It was given to us by Jesus in response to a disciple’s plea to “teach us to pray.”  Because Jesus was speaking to all people, the prayer is unexpectedly universal and non-denominational.  If you get beyond rote recitation, you will find it contains a specific formula for living a meaningful life of faith, surrender, service, abundance, forgiveness, overcoming obstacles, and love.  It is exactly the type of spiritual tool that can serve us every day.

The Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral

Chris in the Labyrinth

Recently I was blessed to visit this 12th century cathedral outside of Paris, France.  The current structure has withstood revolutions and wars with surprisingly few assaults.  Its enduring mystical power has been attributed to many sources:  the intention of the peaceful country people who built it; associations with the Black Madonna, a.k.a. (some say) Mary Magdalene; relics of the Virgin Mary, said to be contained there; the Cathar influence who, legend says, held hands and recited the Lord’s Prayer as they stepped into a fiery, martyred death; the Knights Templar, the rogue keepers of a spiritual treasure, perhaps the Ark of the Covenant; and, especially, its rare and elaborate medieval labyrinth.  It is difficult to discern legend from history in a country as old and layered as France, and unnecessary, because even where we can’t know facts, the truth is clear:  Chartres is special.  I felt it.

Essential Oils

In the last couple years, my spiritual world has been rocked by the “discovery” of high-grade, pure essential oils.  I find they amplify any intention or practice, greatly enhancing my growth and happiness. I have since learned of scientific confirmation of their effect on our spiritual centers, hundreds of references in the Bible, their energetic association with the chakras, and powerful links to our emotions and memories.  Adding essential oils to my spiritual practice connects me to something old and deep, by which I am forever, gratefully changed.

In the 21st Century

Throughout time, we all share the same struggle to find meaning in the drudgery and challenges of daily life.  Throughout time, tools have been provided.  These spiritual tools have stood the test of time because they work.  Isn’t it time you discovered them?

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