The Exquisite Exhale

The Exquisite Exhale

How to sync with the waning season

Here we are in the moment of the sweet after…

After the full moon (Lunar eclipse and all)

After the elections

After the summer, the start of school, and Halloween

After a year of productivity

After the harvest

After…too much. You know what I mean. If you look back you will see all that stuff behind you. Challenges. Completions. Endings. Changes.

It’s the relief of releasing a breath you’ve held too long. Experience it yourself:

Inhale deeply, deeply, DEEPLY, and hold it. Oh sweet oxygen–essential to life!—filling every nook and cranny of your lung capacity. Keep holding it in and notice…is it starting to get uncomfortable? Do you feel little flashes of panic? Is the urge to release it…almost uncontrollable? Ok, read this sentence before you exhale: when you can’t hold it anymore, slowly, mindfully release it with a soft sigh. (Be guided in a 1.5 minute audio meditation, “The Exquisite Exhale”)

This is what autumn feels like. The delicious release after periods of…a lot. Abundance. Success. Fullness. Busy-ness. Summer. Whatever it is you manifested this year. Think of any of the very best moments of your life. No matter how sweet the experience, how full and satisfying it was, I bet there was a moment you stepped away, paused, exhaled, and let it sink in.

To do in this Season:

  • Check within. Do you have a “gut feeling” of something you need to end, complete, give away or throw away? Is there an area of work, relationship, home or health that really needs thorough evaluation/review/discussion/consideration? NOW is the time! It will never be easier than it is right now
  • Begin to build in pauses, more silence, less light.
  • Notice any areas of your life that may be asking for release. This could show up as mild irritation or a strong urge to purge, or anything in between. Pay attention. Begin to work toward closures and completions.
  • Allow the integration. It is in that exhale that we “wire in” the lesson. The memory. Any change that occurred in this year’s growth cycle. Closely associated, this phase supports claiming our worth.
  • Commit to stewardship of what you’ve created, gathered, BECOME in this growth cycle. In this phase, essential draw a circle around what you value so you can support, protect and defend it, while releasing what you no longer value.
  • Celebrate. This is the perfect time for listing, sharing, and celebrating your many successes. Be out loud and proud about your accomplishments: have a party, post on social media, tell the people who love you, buy or do something special. By reinforcing these wins, you are attracting more to your life. You are integrating them into your being. You are signaling the world with who you are becoming.
  • Be Grateful. Let a long list of gratitudes flow through you and out your pen.

Make the most of this season. Book a TAROT COACHING session as soon as possible to explore what to celebrate and what to release at this point in your spiralic journey.

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