The Guaranteed Way to Change Your Life (the “Moving In the Direction of” Principle)

The gap between what you want (deeper relationship, smaller body, more money, whatever) and what you have (well, you know what you have) can seem ENORMOUS! And this makes me sooooo excited.

That big gap says so much about you.

  • You have gained clarity on what you want. That is the most important—and often, most difficult—step.
  • You have taken stock of where you are and decided you deserve more. That is self-love at its purest.
  • You are at the start of a journey that will bring you closer to True You, closer to living your big life in all its glory and joy, closer to giving the world your gifts.

Hell yeah I’m excited for you!!!…and for me, because I get to see you emerge into your beautiful truth…and for the world, because it needs your gifts. Yay you!

So, I imagine you now, sitting (metaphorically) in your car, packed up, revved up, ready to begin your journey of change. You’ve programmed your destination into your app, and you’re about to put your foot on the gas. This is no cross-town trip on familiar roads. Creating real change in your life will certainly be an adventure. You are embarking upon a long, convoluted journey, with stops and starts, twists and turns, and errors and corrections. Be sure you’ve packed your MITDO.

The Principle of “Moving in The Direction Of (MITDO),” presented in The Opposite of Burnout: 5 Career Strategies to Feel Valued, Be Heard, and Make a Difference, recognizes that success comes not in large trumpet blasts and fanfare, but in the micro-moment choices. MITDO is just doing the little thing that moves you closer to—not farther from—your goal, over and over again. You got out of bed this morning? That’s MITDO! You ate only 3 bites instead of the whole pie? That’s MITDO! You made a list of the employers you need to call? That’s MITDO!

Here’s the beauty of MITDO:

  • It’s gentle, self-loving and honors your humanity.
  • It creates a journey of celebration rather than deprivation.
  • Practiced consistently as a way of life, MITDO is guaranteed to get you to your goals.

Baby steps are better than no steps. With MITDO, you can keep your eye on the destination while you enjoy your journey to True You.

What does MITDO look like for you, today?

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