The Not-So-Nice “Rice”

riceL was reluctant to share this squirmy story, though it could happen to anyone.  Slogging down the stairs on a sleepy Saturday morning, she saw something that looked like a scoop of white rice on her white Berber carpet. Rubbing her eyes and looking closer, she was horrified to see that the pile was wriggling…and the “rice” had wings!  She traced the stragglers to a gap beneath the window, where others were oozing through onto the floor. Eeeewwww! What to do?

She scrambled around for something that would kill them quickly before they swarmed, but not poisonous since she lives with dogs. She remembered that essential oils kill insects. She needed to hurry and she didn’t have time to research, so she grabbed Purification and Orange, poured some into a spray bottle that already had essential oils in it, and sprayed away. Not only did it kill them immediately, it stopped the stream into her house.

Whew! All ended well, but it may be a while before L enjoys rice again.

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